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As the world's largest treasury management services provider and a leader in first-to-market solutions, we are committed to helping inform and educate organizations on fraud practices at work in the financial system, both paper and electronic. Our Resource Center is a unique micro site where organizations of all sizes and industry categories can learn about the latest developments in fraud-fighting and how they can help safeguard their organizations.

Though the latest AFP fraud survey results show some moderation in the incidence of fraud attempts, they also underscore the fact that we can never let our guard down on payments fraud. Of particular importance, findings show large companies are still the prime target. Eighty-one percent of large organizations were hit by fraudsters compared to 55% of smaller companies — and, they experienced a 22% higher average loss. Also alarming: industries with greater consumer access report fraud attack rates fully 15% to 20% higher than other industries.*

Clearly, no organization today can afford to be without protection.

While the economic world becomes more complex, our new technology, considerable experience and streamlined implementation processes make cutting-edge fraud protection simple to put in place-and effortless to manage from a company's point of view. It's automatic, effective, proven.

Knowledge is power. Only with accurate and up-to-date knowledge of fraudster practices and the products and services available to combat them can organizations implement the internal procedures and external security services that will protect valuable assets. As we continue to invest in the technology, tools and expertise that companies need to prevent fraud attacks, we invite you to rely on J.P. Morgan for accurate and up-to-date news and information and a complete arsenal of fraud-fighting tools that can keep your organization safe from payments fraud.

* 2013 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey

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