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Pay Connexion FAQ Payer Details

Pay Connexion FAQ
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Pay ConnexionSM FAQ - Payer Details and Options
Q:  Is a payer required to register to make a Pay Connexion payment?
Three registration options are available:
  1. Billers may preregister all end users via a preregistration file. In this case, billers would send user data in a standard preregistration file format. Updates to this file may be sent daily to J.P Morgan. Pay Connexion also supports preregistration through a Web session transfer.
  2. The second registration option is self-registration whereby a payer will be prompted to supply required payer profile information (e.g., name, e-mail address, account information) and to create a user name and password for verification purposes.
  3. The final registration option allows for an unregistered user to simply make a one-time payment. Payers will be required to enter standard transaction data each and every time they wish to make a payment.
Q: How do payers access Pay Connexion to make a Web payment?
The Pay Connexion e-Payment system is user friendly and easy to navigate. Payers will access the system by clicking on a Pay Button on the biller’s Web site. Depending on the biller’s optimal Pay Connexion configuation, multiple pay buttons may be provided (e.g., one for each payment type). J.P. Morgan will provide the HTTP(S) post code that comprises the Pay Button(s). Upon clicking the Pay Button(s), payers will be passed via a session transfer to our secure J.P. Morgan-hosted Pay Connexion e-Payment Web site, in which they will be able to execute the e-Payment process.

The session transfer can contain data elements unique to the payment type. For example, a biller can send parameters, or custom data (i.e, utility account number, customer number, citation number, business license number) in the session transfer. This data will be associated with each payment and is also included on the Remittance Batch File and real-time payment confirmation.

Accessing Pay Connexion through a session transfer is seamless for the user. For example, the payment Web site can support the biller’s branding throughout the payment process by including the biller’s logo/seal and banner graphics. This provides a look and feel on the payment site that is common and shared with the biller’s Web site. Further supporting the seamlessness of the user experience, biller’s can designate the URL to which the payer is returned upon completing a payment.
Q:  Does Pay Connexion send an e-mail confirmation to the payer upon completion of a payment?
Yes. The payer will receive an e-mail confirmation.
Q:  What are the advantages of a payer registering within Pay Connexion and having a Pay Connexion profile?
A payer will have access to the following features:
  • Manage Payment Accounts
    • Add Credit/Debit Card
    • Add E-Check Account
  • Review Pending Payments
    • View Payments
    • Edit Payments
    • Delete Payments
  • Review or Create Recurring Payments
    • View Recurring Payments
    • Edit Recurring Payments
    • Delete Recurring Payments
    • Stop Recurring Payments
  • View Payment History
    • View Payment History
  • Statement History
    • View Statement History and Status
  • Update Profile
    • Change Password
Q: How are refunds performed?
Pay Connexion’s Admin Web site includes a feature that conducts refunds. An administrative user with the proper credentials is able to look up a transaction to perform a partial or full refund of a transaction.

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