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J.P. Morgan's Market Updates give timely information on the latest market, regulatory and financial happenings. 

Corporate Finance with a Sprig of Basel

Corporate Finance with a Sprig of Basel: Basel III Implications for Non-banks
What are the possible implications of higher bank capital requirements for non-bank corporations? Read about the potential impact of Basel III on non-banks.

2014 Industry Issues: eBam

2014 Industry Issues: eBam
eBAM (Electronic Bank Account Management) allows you to better manage your process for opening, closing and maintaining accounts and signers across your banking network. It is expected to see a large uptake in 2014 because banks and other industry leaders have worked to remove barriers to adoption. Read about recent industry developments and incentives for conversion.

2014 Industry Issues: Payments

2014 Industry Issues: Payments
New technology and evolving needs are driving a period of change in the payments industry. As these changes are implemented, you will be able to make payments that are faster, more efficient, and more secure.

China Financial Reform

Emerging Markets: China Financial Reform
China's financial system is evolving as the country pursues its economic agenda. Several trends across bank and non-bank financial sectors could impact cash management strategies in China.

Emerging Markets India

Emerging Markets: India
The Indian financial system is undergoing significant change, with further reforms and international-friendly policies expected over the coming year under new central bank leadership.

Emerging Markets Global Outlook

Emerging Markets: Global Outlook
The slowdown in emerging markets GDP growth has important implications for financial institutions and the treasury function – from forecasting to risk assessments to day-to-day cash needs.

Global Interest Rates Update

Global Interest Rates: Trends and Impacts
As financial institutions hold more cash overseas, the global interest rate environment becomes increasingly important.

SEPA Market Update

Single European Payment Area (SEPA) Conversion
Latest trends and potential impacts for your business.

Japan Trends and Outlook

Japan Trends and Outlook
Expectations for monetary easing and public investment are driving market optimism. Potential impacts on your business.

Basel III Update

Basel III Update
New capital, leverage, and liquidity rules will significantly change the costs of banking. This update provides detail on two of the rules – the liquidity coverage ratio and requirements for trade finance – and outlines their potential impacts on your business and the banking industry.

Economic and Political Trends

China's economic and political trends and their impact on the U.S.
Why it matters and potential impacts on your business.

JPM TS in the NAFTA region

J.P. Morgan TS in the NAFTA Region
J.P. Morgan Treasury Services in the NAFTA Region- When expanding internationally, U.S. companies typically look to Canada and Mexico first in hopes of driving cost savings or accessing new markets. J.P. Morgan can offer a single solution that can be tailored specifically to business in the United States, Mexico, and Canada - helping gain the centralized control an organization requires.

JPM TS LATAM Update on Oil

The price of oil and its impact on Latin America
Oil price changes will impact industry segments differently. Higher prices are beneficial to petroleum and financial companies, resulting in improved margins and increased financial activity. Other industries may see reduced margins from higher prices, with increased energy and transportation expenses.


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