J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services

Market Intelligence

A fast and efficient way to monitor global events that impact international investors

Market Intelligence provides global investors with a fast and efficient way to monitor global market events that impact their investment holdings. It is a component of the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® portal, our single and secure point of access for your transactional, compliance and portfolio management needs.Market Intelligence

J.P. Morgan understands the critical role of timely and relevant information in the investment decision-making process. To help clients stay on top of rapidly changing information relating to local market developments, regulations, practices and risks, J.P. Morgan developed Market Intelligence.

Benefits and Features:

  • Market Expertise and Information – Our information portal brings the extensive expertise of J.P. Morgan’s Network Management team to clients through a comprehensive suite of information products.
  • Access to Current Market Alerts – The Market Intelligence Bulletin Board offers important alerts and recent updates to market information across our vast network of established and emerging markets.
  • Comprehensive Information – The Market Intelligence Dashboard is our dynamic, leading-edge data and reporting tool that provides access to critical product information and customized reporting options.

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