Global Capabilities

J.P. Morgan Treasury Services in Asia-Pacific

J.P. Morgan Treasury Services assists corporate and financial institution clients achieve their goals of establishing control, efficiency and visibility into their cash and trade operations, while managing risk. We navigate the complexities of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (multiple geographies, regulations, currencies, languages and tax regimes) through a comprehensive list of capabilities including:

Account Services — we have accounts available in local and foreign currencies including US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan (renminbi). We also provide multicurrency account services, counter services, check clearing, commercial cards, cross-currency payments, foreign exchange trading and electronic payments and receipts.

Payables and Receivables Management — J.P. Morgan's global capabilities and extensive memberships with local clearing systems in Asia ensure that we can deliver integrated physical and electronic payment solutions for all transaction types, supporting more efficient management of Day's Payables Outstanding (DPO) and enhancing cash flow.

Liquidity Management — Managing global liquidity is more challenging than ever.  That's why J.P. Morgan offers a wide range of liquidity solutions around the world, to companies of all sizes, to help optimize cash, enhance yield, increase efficiency and manage risk. Our end-to-end pooling and investment solutions help meet the strategic and daily cash requirements of any treasury operation — local, regional or global.  And with J.P. Morgan ACCESS Liquidity Solutions, clients have the tools and information they need to manage liquidity anywhere in the world.

Trade and Supply Chain Solutions — J.P. Morgan's international trade expertise uniquely qualifies us to support all global supply chain participants. We help our clients grow and thrive in today's trade environment as they benefit from our fortress balance sheet, wide-ranging expertise and ever-expanding opportunities. In addition to a broad range of network trade and traditional trade finance solutions, we are a market-leading export finance provider, leveraging programs from Export Credit Agencies around the world.

Global Integration via Electronic Banking Services — Clients around the world want safe, reliable access to data, transaction facilities and decision-support tools to help them effectively manage their treasury environment. The J.P. Morgan ACCESS™ portal integrates information delivery, investment and transaction services and inquiry tools in a seamless environment. The applications meet the global needs of our diverse client base with convenient and efficient business functionality.

Escrow Services — J.P. Morgan provides escrow services for attorneys, accountants and other financial professionals involved in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising or other transactions that require escrow strategies.


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