J.P. Morgan Corporate Rewards Upgrade

Beginning April 1, 2010, your corporate rewards program will be upgraded to J.P. Morgan Corporate Rewards.

Why J.P. Morgan Rewards?
The J.P. Morgan Corporate Rewards program provides you with an increased number of redemption items, an easy-to-use Web site for redeeming items and a better value for every dollar that you earn. The new program offers:

  • Over 2,500 redemption items available including gift, travel and merchandise options
  • Web site access available for redemptions 24x7 at www.jpmorgan.com/corporaterewards
  • One point earned for every qualifying $1 spent
  • Customer Service Support available at 1-800-316-6056

Resource Material
The following materials are designed to help prepare you for the upgrade:


  • If you have questions, please contact your program administrator. After April 1, you may call J.P. Morgan Customer Service at 1-800-316-6056.

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