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JPMorgan ACCESS Inquiry & Customer Service

JPMorgan ACCESS Inquiry & Customer Service provides value-added client support via self-initiated technology solutions that operate in full concert with staff-supported functions. This allows clients more options for retrieving detailed transaction information, gaining product knowledge, submitting secure service requests and accessing service quality reports.

The self-service, Web-based information management tools available through JPMorgan ACCESS Inquiry & Customer Service include:

  • JPMorgan eServe for ACH: Manage a wide range of critical ACH transaction inquiries and related reporting activities online, including the ability to view specific transaction details, initiate investigations and efficiently execute reversals and reclaims.
  • JPMorgan eServe for Global Clearing: Conduct transaction searches, initiate inquiries, generate operational reports and receive near real time notification of payments or debits in U.S. dollars, euros or other currencies.
  • JPMorgan eServe for Wholesale Lockbox: Initiate and manage a wide range of time-sensitive transaction inquiries, including reports regarding items processed through the wholesale lockbox national network sites.
  • JPMorgan ACCESS Online Support: Perform keyword searches regarding portal applications and receive immediate solutions. In addition, access support through online chat or "call me now / call me later" options for direct support from help desk personnel.
  • Secure eMail: Communicate confidential and sensitive information with secure file delivery that you can access via the JPMorgan ACCESS home page.

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