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Image Deposit Direct

With Image Deposit Direct, our easy-to-adopt desktop scanner, you can scan your checks from any geographic location capturing the payment amount and associated data. Captured images and data are transmitted for processing to one central account or multiple accounts and stored in an Internet-based image archive that makes source documents available online anytime you need them. Images can be searched and retrieved through a secure Web browser and detailed reporting is available for current and past image data.

Checks are cleared by image exchange, although consumer checks may settle as Accounts Receivable Check (ARC) conversion transactions as stated under ACH rules.  We will help you determine the most efficient method for processing your checks.

How you benefit:

  • Streamline your check deposit process with desktop image capture
  • Reduce administrative expenses and trips to the bank
  • Eliminate costs for couriers to transport checks
  • Avoid fees associated with maintaining accounts at multiple banks
  • Optimize availability of your funds

JPMorgan Chase is licensed under U.S. Patent Numbers 5,910,988 and 6,032,137.

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