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Global Payments Strategy

This site represents a consolidated listing of treasury services initiatives for multiple products and services. Not all initiatives are applicable to all clients. Please refer to your "Looking Ahead" printed package for a personalized listing of upcoming initiatives that will impact your business.

GPS Strategic Overview

J.P. Morgan's Global Payments Strategy (GPS) is a firm wide vision that can enhance your payments experience by delivering improved core capabilities, integrated solutions and an efficient, modern processing platform. When the full capabilities and enhancements are implemented, clients will benefit from greater visibility, flexibility and control over payments across global accounts.

Through 2019 and beyond, the delivery on the strategic platform will include the processing of the Low Value (LV) clearings in EMEA: SEPA (EEA), BACS (UK), FPS (UK) and the Multi-Currency ACH product supporting payments in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland. In APAC, the strategic platform will also process China local payments via domestic clearing — CNAPS (China National Advanced Payment System). This will bring new capabilities to some of the markets such as:

  • Enhanced transaction validation and return matching
  • Harmonized and enriched return and reject reporting

As the Global Payment Strategy program evolves, clients may see a different structure in the J.P. Morgan Bank Transaction Reference Number (TRN) on the clients' balance and transaction reports, statements and the return, reject & non-value bearing exceptions report. This will be generated by the processing system as 12 alphanumeric characters. The clients' transaction reference number will continue to be reported as today. As development continues and client transactions move to the new processing system, this will provide a consistent reference format across clearings and countries.

For further details on the Multi-Currency ACH product enhancements, please refer to Multi-Currency ACH Enhancements.


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