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March 2014 — View Online 

Featured Article

  • Exploring the Global Shift to SWIFT for Corporates: J.P. Morgan and SWIFT are redefining standardization and cost savings for corporations worldwide. Are you taking full advantage?

Spotlight on Regulation
Corporate finance with a sprig of Basel: Are you ready for the potential impacts of evolving bank regulation and higher bank capital requirements?

Stability, Risk, Cost & Efficiency

  • The secret to bringing currency stability to your global subsidiaries and how one company freed USD $3.4 million in cash flow. 
  • Earnings credits are going global, helping a growing number of corporations optimize the value of their balances.

Insights & Advice

  • Is redundancy your reality? 4 drivers to greater long-term cost savings with a shared services center. Plus, a case study showing how Pfizer Inc. reduced redundancy in Asia. 

Economic Update

  • EM clouds continue to darken; China 1Q14 forecast marked down
  • Fed to alter guidance; Bank of Japan confidence challenges our call for April ease
  • High hurdle to kick-start Indian investment cycle
  • Ukraine crisis heating up; Russian annexation looking more likely stability and advance standardization

January 2014 — View Online 

Featured Article

  • Secrets to maximizing liquidity: Why more companies are combining conventional cash concentration techniques with new solutions like Global ECR and Liquidity Management Accounts.

Spotlight on Lillian Sim

  • Navigating toward new growth and efficiency in Asia.

Simplifying Asia

  • How establishing a regional treasury center in Asia can offer you greater access to cash and investment opportunities.
  • Best practices to help you enhance payment processing efficiency and manage FX risk for RMB cross-border transactions.

Insights & Advice

  • 4 practical steps to recharge your counterparty risk approach from J.P. Morgan's Advisory Group

Economic Update

  • Euro area rising, France lagging
  • Japan booming ahead of tax hike
  • Reports to indicate extent of China slowing
  • EM heavyweights under stress

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