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Global ACH

Simplify international payment processing electronically through a single interface.

With the trend toward globalization, many companies have a greater need to pay vendors and collect fees globally. Each country has a different clearing system with its own rules and regulations. This leads to high costs and uncertainty of payment delivery and timing.

With Global ACH (Automated Clearing House), you no longer have to maintain multiple, country-specific payments formats and bank relationships. Payments are collected and disbursed securely through local, non-time critical payments systems in countries around the world via a single connection – and, at a low cost.

We provide you with global access for making payments and collections in countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Western Hemisphere. We’ll help eliminate the complicated process of handling your cross-border and in-country disbursements and collections.

Global ACH Features & Benefits

  • Eliminate the need to maintain multiple country-specific payment formats and multiple bank relationships, saving you time and money
  • Send collections and disbursements faster and more efficiently through a single, electronic interface
  • Save money with a lower-cost electronic option
  • Receive advice and consultation from a local, dedicated customer service

How it works
Depending on your business requirements, we offer two methods in which you may send payments.

  • PaySourceSM, our electronic file delivery solution, gives you access to more than 25 countries.
    • Simply send a single file of your transactions to us in a variety of convenient formats to facilitate with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
    • We perform all the necessary translations to the required local formats and then route your data electronically to the appropriate in-country payment system.
  • JPMorgan ACCESSSM Global ACH, our Internet-based solution for disbursing and collecting payments quickly, securely and cost effectively.
    • Import a file in the country-specific format or use our proprietary format for all countries.
    • Review and approve your transactions, then release the items to us for processing.
    • Transactions are then routed automatically to the appropriate *in-country payment system

* Use JPMorgan ACCESS Global ACH to submit payments and direct debits (where available) in the following countries: Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom.

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