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Global Commercial Card

Features and Benefits

Build Your Commercial Card Program the Way You Want It

J.P. Morgan offers a variety of Commercial Card programs that include valuable benefits. Let's discuss your business needs and we'll design a program with these key benefits to address your challenges.

Flexible Card Programs

  • Multiple billing and payment options
  • Payment consolidation
  • Simplified accounting procedures
  • Cardless account options
  • Executive-level cards
  • Access to more than 33 million merchants worldwide
  • Reward Programs

Innovative Report and Management Technology

  • Real-time, online reporting capability
  • Online billing and payment
  • Data integration with most accounting and ERP systems
  • Real-time, online cardholder maintenance
  • Export to almost any expense reporting system
  • Efficient expense tracking
  • High-level transaction data gathering (Level II and III)

Controls and Security

  • Customized merchant category blocking
  • User-defined spending limits
  • Transaction frequency restrictions
  • Built-in security and anti-fraud measures
  • Liability waiver protection for employee misuse

Comprehensive Client and Cardholder Service

  • Unrivaled consultation services
  • Customized implementation planning, assistance and execution
  • Single contact account management with support services for all levels of your organization
  • 24-hour cardholder support services
  • Vendor enrollment support


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