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Trade Finance

Export Finance

J.P. Morgan provides syndicated, medium and long-term trade finance solutions to our clients to help them facilitate large-scale, strategic transactions. Our innovative structured trade solutions go beyond classical trade finance off-the-shelf products to bring a customized value to larger, more strategic transactions and broader segments of the value chain.

How You Benefit
  • Obtain cost-effective financing
  • Mitigate risk through use of both the credit and capital markets
  • Gain a customized solution for short, medium, and long-term individual or pooled trade transactions
Selected Solutions
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Agency-backed Finance
  • Limited Recourse Export-backed Finance
  • Private Sector Insurance
  • Project-Related Finance Structures
  • Silent Trade Payment Guarantees
  • Secured Receivables Finance
  • Supplier-driven Medium and Long-Term Finance Structures
  • Syndicated, Medium and Long-Term Trade Related Loans
  • Working Capital Guarantee Program/Export-Import Bank
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