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Escrow Services

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Reducing risk. Facilitating results.

In an increasingly complex world, J.P. Morgan Escrow Services can help you successfully mitigate risk for critical transactions. Our reputation as one of the world's leading escrow agents has been earned by a dedicated team that ensure your transactions close quickly, accurately and securely.

With J.P. Morgan as your escrow agent, you can expect:

  • Escrow experts…Thoroughly experienced in delivering flexible solutions for a
    wide range of transactions.
  • Cross-border capabilities…From locations on six continents, our on-the-ground specialists will guide you through local laws and regulations in all major legal jurisdictions.
  • Dedication…From a team focused solely on escrows and who stay with the
    transaction from start to finish.
  • Speed…Contracts are reviewed within 48 hours by a team of document specialists, enabling you to close deals without delay.
  • Integrated Solutions…Beyond escrow, we offer a variety of investment, foreign exchange services, payment and online reporting services.
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