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Enroll in Reverse Positive Pay

Protecting your accounts from check fraud with Reverse Positive Pay has never been easier.

Payment fraud continues to increase, making it imperative for you to have the capability to identify fraudulent activity quickly. Protecting our clients’ data is a priority at JPMorgan; therefore, we offer tools designed to reduce the risk of loss due to fraud.

As a subscriber to JPMorgan ACCESSSM Payables Web Services (PWS), it is now easier for you to activate Reverse Positive Pay, an affordable check fraud protection solution that gives you complete control of your check reconciliation process without requiring any file uploads.

Reverse Positive Pay allows you to review all prior day checks that were presented for payment. If any of these presented checks do not match your issued checks, you can investigate further by viewing an image of the check. You can then elect to pay, return or adjust the dollar amount or check number of the check. By default, checks that are not decisioned prior to the cutoff time will be paid.

Activating Reverse Positive Pay
Effective immediately, you may activate Reverse Positive Pay by simply entitling users to the service through JPMorgan ACCESS User Setup Forms. The following screen shot displays the user entitlements that are available for this product.

Reverse Positive Pay Functions

Reverse Positive Pay Entitlement Overview
Below is a summary of the Reverse Positive Pay user entitlements and their purpose.

  • Exception Review: Permits users to review exceptions.
  • Exception Status: Permits users to review summary information on the status of all exceptions.
  • Exception Manual Entry: Permits users to manually retrieve an individual exception by entering the Check Number and Check Amount.
  • Exception Profile Maintenance: Permits users to change the default decision.
  • Exception e-mail Setup: Permits users to manage exception email alert preferences.
  • RPP Exception Activity History: Permits users to review historical exception activity.
  • RPP Exception Profile Report: Permits users to review a historical report of all changes made to the Profile.

Reverse Positive Pay Preferences

Dollar Threshold

  • Reverse Positive Pay allows you to limit your exceptions to items above a specified Dollar Threshold.
  • After activation, the default value for this Dollar Threshold setting “$0.00”.
  • As a result, all items are presented to you as exceptions.
  • Call your service representative to change this setting.

Default Decision

  • Reverse Positive Pay allows you to define a Default Decision for all exceptions. This decision is applied to all exceptions that do not have decisions prior to the 4:00 PM Local Time Cutoff.
  • After activation, this Default Decision preference is set to “Pay”.
  • You can change this Default Decision through the PWS.

Protect Accounts from Check Fraud at Banking Centers – Encashment Settings

  • If you enroll in Reverse Positive Pay, we recommend that you use an additional feature for this service that will prevent checks from being cashed at one of our banking centers by non-Chase account holders.
  • Reverse Positive Pay does not apply to checks cashed at banking centers because immediate cash is given.
  • If this option is selected, and a non-Chase account holder presents a check at a banking center, they will be notified that the check will not be cashed and will be referred to the maker/issuer of the item.
  • If you choose to allow checks to be cashed at a banking center, you may choose a different feature which allows you to set a maximum per check amount for individual checks cashed at our banking centers. This could help reduce the amount of fraud exposure on an account.
  • Please call your service representative to discuss check cashing options.

Please review the Reverse Positive Pay User Guide and Reverse Positive Pay Quick Start Guide for additional information.



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