J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services


Critical information at your fingertips

The J.P. Morgan ACCESS Dashboard provides instant access to business-critical information, immediately upon logging into the secure J.P. Morgan ACCESS portal. Summary data from multiple underlying applications is provided, with the ability to drill down to detailed information. Multiple Dashboard views can be created, each one entirely customizable to meet unique data requirements.

         JPMorgan ACCESS Dashboard

Features and Benefits

  • Launching Applications — The Dashboard is your launching point for J.P. Morgan ACCESS applications including:
    • Corporate Action Instructions
    • Views Portfolio Reporting
    • Transaction Initiation
    • Performance Measurement
    • Compliance Reporting
    • E-Tax
    • Market Intelligence
  • Application Data Feeds — The Dashboard hosts summary data from the user’s J.P. Morgan ACCESS applications, with the ability to drill through to detailed information.
  • Customizable View — Determine the elements to be displayed on the Dashboard, and how they are arranged. You can also create multiple, customized, Dashboard views displaying specific accounts, currencies and information sets to deliver what you want, when you need it.
  • Information and Research Center — View alerts and messages, monitor stock and index prices and review J.P. Morgan research, news flashes and headlines in a single screen.
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