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Following the upgrade of the China National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS), payment purpose information is required for RMB cross-border remittance. Any cross-border RMB payments with invalid payment natures or are missing the Purpose of Payment Code will be delayed or rejected by the processing banks in China.

To help our clients comply with the new requirement, J.P. Morgan has introduced the following designated set of Purpose of Payment Codes for cross-border China-bound RMB payments:

Payment Nature Code
(J.P. Morgan's prescribed format effective May 25, 2015)







Capital Account

Goods Trade

Service Trade

Current Account

Bank to Bank Funds Transfer

  • Clients sending payment instructions via SWIFT — use field 72 to input the payment purpose codes (or field 70 of a MT101)
  • Clients sending payment instructions via J.P. Morgan ACCESS® OnlineSM:
    • A dropdown list containing the codewords is available in the "Additional Beneficiary Details" section.
    • J.P. Morgan ACCESS® Classic FTI File Type — the Payment Nature Code must be provided in the "Instructions to Debit Bank 1" field. By using the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® CSV file type rather the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® Classic FTI file type, you will mitigate any rejections as this file type enforces the requirement of including the purpose of funds code.
    • If the "Purpose of Payment" field is not available in the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® Enhanced Templates, then the code word must be provided in the "Sender to Receiver Instructions" field.
  • Clients sending payment instructions via J.P. Morgan ACCESS® Host-to-HostSM — payment purpose codes should be provided in the format of "/ACC/PURPOSE/SRV/" as follows:
    • in the "Sender to Receiver 1" field for Global Flat File (GFF)
    • in the "Instruction for Debtor Agent" for ISO format
    • in MT Tag 72 equivalent field for other formats

J.P. Morgan will reject without prior notice any China-bound cross-border RMB payment instructions without purpose of payment codes.

The changes for cross-border RMB payments are also available in our comprehensive guide to payment requirements available at jpmorgan.com/visit/guide.


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