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Argentina has taken measures in order to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism. The Financial Information Unit, Argentina, has been issuing new regulations to strengthen the AML requirements applicable to Banks, NBFIs, etc. Regarding payments, the Central Bank has also issued regulations requiring banks to include certain customer-related information when sending international wire payments and to control the existence of this information for incoming international wire payments.

Central Bank Communication "A" 4965, in effect since August 2009, requires that international wire transfers need to have, as a minimum, the following information:

  1. Complete Name or Entity Name
  2. Address or ID number or Tax ID Number
  3. Account Number or Client Number of the client in the originator bank

For those international wires received, banks in Argentina are required to verify that this information is received. Banks are required to have controls to detect wires that do not contain this information and these should remain "pending" until the information is received. If the information is not received within 20 business days, wires should be returned.

For more information regarding FATF, please visit the FATF website and Argentina's membership page.

When sending Argentinean peso (ARS) transactions to Argentina supporting documentation may be requested from the beneficiary before funds will be released. The beneficiary email address must be included in the format noted below to ensure there are no delays in contacting the beneficiary.





Beneficiary email

Field 72
/INT/John.Smith AT gmail.com

Field 6000 or Field 6500
/INT/John.Smith AT gmail.com

Sender to Receiver (ANG)
/INT/John.Smith AT gmail.com

NOTE: SWIFT and other channels used for these payments do not support the "@" symbol. Please replace "@" with "AT" (include a blank space before and after the letters "AT") for efficient processing.

The following beneficiary banks are supported for payments in Argentine pesos (ARS).

  • Banco Credicoop
  • Banco de la Nacion Argentina
  • Banco de la Pampa
  • Banco Frances
  • Banco Galicia
  • Banco Macro
  • Banco Santander Rio
  • Banco Suervielle
  • Deutsche Bank Argentina
  • HSBC Argentina
  • Standard Bank/Industrial and Commercial Bank of Argentina

For more information regarding payment regulation, please visit the website of the Central Bank of Argentina and the section titled "Argentina" in J.P. Morgan's Treasury Services' Global Payment Guide 2013-2014.

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