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ACH Preemptive Processing Intelligence (PPI)

When used in conjunction with our suite of check conversion services, ACH Preemptive Processing Intelligence (PPI) can help you identify ACH return items earlier in the process, increasing your speed of payment collection, improving your cash management and lowering your costs.

PPI's two databases screen items for ACH eligibility. Corporate, third-party, credit card and money order items are examples of ineligible items. Additionally PPI scans for notification-of-change (NOC) information to identify and correct transactions up front before they are submitted to the ACH network.

The databases are updated with data from our Zero Administrative Return service, which researches and corrects erroneous information on return items and from the NOCs that we receive for all our clients. As the largest originator of ACH processing, the depth of information gathered through our advanced system is unmatched in the marketplace.

How you benefit:

  • Minimize costs and improve collection rates through reduced administrative return research
  • Shorten settlement time and payment delays
  • Streamline processes to improve cash management and risk analyses
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