Key & Certificate Renewal

The information in this section contains technical details regarding secure connections between J.P. Morgan and our clients. It is designed to be used by technical teams within your organization.

We routinely update our keys and certificates for server-based file transmissions on the J.P. Morgan Managed File Transfer Services (MFTS) platform.

What’s Happening?

J.P. Morgan is upgrading SSL certificates in 2024.

If you are still utilizing AS2 protocol, call 1-800-990-9217 and our team will assist with updating your certificate.

All keys and/or certificates are now available in your jpmc_public folder.

You Should Know

Ensure you are using the current key when sending encrypted files or receiving digitally signed files.

Please test your file transfer applications in the MFTS client acceptance testing environment, which is currently configured with the upgraded infrastructure. Refer to the testing Instructions page for additional information and testing details.