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Stable Value

Don’t forget to look closely at your most conservative investment option

By design, stable value funds look boring. Like money market funds, they protect participant balances from losses day-to-day, and provide consistent, steady yields. But not all stable value funds are the same.  The differences in return potential and the impact on participants’ retirement savings can be dramatic.  Stable value is typically one of the most utilized funds in a plan line-up, but is worth the time to take a closer look at it.

Over the last decade our stable value strategies have achieved top-performance with similar or less risk than other strategies by focusing on:

  • Risk management. The foundation of our strategies is managing the risks unique to this product – withdrawal risk, principal risk, responsiveness risk.
  • Efficiencies. By designing efficient fund structures, we are able to maximize our focus on best managing the assets while limiting the distractions associated with less efficient strategies.
  • Investment policy.  Arguably the most influential factor in determining overall success, the investment policy that we recommend is balanced between delivering optimal returns within a prudent risk framework. Utilizing a broad array of investment capabilities is one of the many tools that we use to achieve this success.
  • Investment performance.  The fixed income group of J.P. Morgan Asset Management has been delivering strong results for over 5 decades.  Our capabilities and experience directly benefit the strategies backing stable value.



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