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Self-Directed Brokerage

Self-directed brokerage accounts in defined contribution plans

A self-directed brokerage account allows participants to invest all or a portion of their defined contribution plan account balance into investment options available through the brokerage service. The investment options that may be available to participants through self-directed brokerage accounts include stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Plan sponsor advantages include:

  • investment flexibility for the small, but vocal group of savvy investors
  • customization, either by imposing limits on how much participants may allocate, or by the types of investments available

Participant advantages include:

  • an open architecture investment structure
  • flexibility and control with the convenience of online trading and investment research tools
  • access to retirement brokerage specialists familiar with retirement plans, brokerage services and the provisions of a plan sponsor’s specific plan
  • a simple and easy-to-use service

Other factors to consider:

  • plan sponsors should consult their ERISA attorneys and investment consultants before implementing a self-directed brokerage account
  • if added to a plan, the service may raise benefits, rights and features testing issues if not offered to all plan participants
  • not all investment types are available in a brokerage account; including but not limited to precious metals, collectibles, futures, commodities, currencies, purchases on margin, short sales and penny stocks
  • plan sponsors should also consider participants’ educational needs

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