Our Businesses in Mexico

Cash Equities

Serving corporate and institutional clients, J.P. Morgan's Cash Equities Group in Mexico offers a full-service global equities platform, with execution capabilities across all market centers globally and locally in Latin America.

Cash Sales and Trading

Experienced sales and trading personnel, located in Mexico City, and state-of-the-art technology enable J.P. Morgan to meet our clients’ goals for advice, product, execution and service.

  • Our client-focused sales traders work with research, sector specialists and position traders to provide advice, timely market information, liquidity and best execution.
  • Our global technology platform enables us to accommodate both onshore Mexican customers trading in any region, as well as to offer offshore customers access to Mexican and Latin America equities.
  • We offer clients both Direct Market Access (DMA) and Algo electronic solutions:
    • DMA – Clients can route orders to various desks within J.P. Morgan or directly to a source of liquidity (across equities and futures) through our global, high-speed execution management system or via a network connection from any FIX-compatible order management system (OMS).
    • Algos – J.P. Morgan’s electronic product includes sophisticated algorithms that enable investors to execute stock orders electronically, minimizing market impact and adjusting dynamically to target the desired trading profile. The strategies, developed by a global team of quantitative specialists, are continually fine-tuned for local market structure. They are available through J.P. Morgan sales traders, our global, multi-broker trading platform as well as various buy-side OMSs. Superior service and flexibility are offered through our hybrid service model, which allows clients to route orders to our traditional sales trading force, or to an anonymous desk that keeps orders confidential to other J.P. Morgan clients and proprietary trading desks.
  • Our strong capital base and leading trading and market-making capabilities ensure that J.P. Morgan is a top liquidity provider to major buy-side trading institutions.
  • J.P. Morgan Casa de Bolsa is an authorized broker dealer of the “Bolsa Mexicana de Valores”, Mexican Stock Exchange.


  • #1 Ranking Valor Economico of international bonds and loans for Brazilian clients (2013)
  • Best Investment Bank in Latin America (EuroMoney, 2012)
  • Best Investment Bank in Latin America (LatinFinance, 2012)
  • Best M&A House in Latin America (LatinFinance, 2012)
  • Latin America Equities House of the year (IFR, 2012)
  • Best Private Bank Services in Colombia (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Private Bank Services in Panama (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Private Bank Services in Paraguay (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Range of Advisory Services in Latin America (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Private Bank for Range of Investment Products in Ecuador (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Relationship Management in Peru (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Net-Worth-Specific services in Brazil (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Net-Worth-Specific services in Ecuador (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Net-Worth-Specific services in Peru (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Net-Worth-Specific services in Uruguay (Euromoney, 2012)
  • Best Research Team in Latin America (Institutional Investor, 2011)
  • Best Fixed Income Fund Manager for J. P. Morgan Asset Management (Exame Magazine, 2011)
  • Best Investment Bank in Latin America (Euromoney, 2011)

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