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J.P. Morgan has a long-standing commitment to the Argentine market. The firm offers a full range of services across the Investment Bank, Treasury & Securities Services and the Global Corporate Bank to corporations and financial institutions in the region. J.P. Morgan has participated in most landmark transactions in Argentina, advising local and international corporate clients, as well as providing financing for the Argentine government.

J.P. Morgan’s extensive history in Argentina dates back to the 1880s, when the firm played a critical role in the financing of railroads, gold and other minerals extraction, and sovereign financing. In 1893, J.S. Morgan & Co. contributed to a rescue fund to save an Argentine bank that never regained its standing. Since then, the firm has become a leading investment bank in the country.

After World War II, in 1948, Chase National, a predecessor firm, opened a local branch office in Buenos Aires to reinforce its local presence. In 1978, J.P. Morgan opened a branch office in Buenos Aires, followed in 1985 by the opening of J.P. Morgan Argentina S.A.

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