Corporate Responsibility in Latin America

J.P. Morgan is committed to building vibrant communities, preserving the environment and promoting an inclusive culture across the globe that benefits people not only today, but for generations to come.

To achieve these objectives and maximize giving, J.P. Morgan’s signature programs reflect the firm’s philanthropic goals in the areas of community development, education, and arts and culture.

Philanthropic efforts support communities in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. J.P. Morgan also supports a number of local best-in-class microfinance and micro-entrepreneurship programs. The following links highlight several projects that have benefited from the firm’s programs in key areas of support:

  • Argentina

    Fundación Leer

    Fundación Leer aims to transform the lives of millions of children in Argentina by promoting literacy and providing them with high quality education.

    Through a joint effort with schools, local communities, organizations and governments, the firm contributes to cultivating in children an appreciation for reading and helping them develop their reading skills. This results in high attendance and good performance in school.

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  • Brazil
  • Chile

    Fundación de Beneficencia Ayuda y Esperanza

    Fondo Esperanza is the biggest microfinance solidarity institution for people below the poverty line. Its goal is to promote, through the delivery of loans and entrepreneurial education, the creation of small businesses oriented to overcoming poverty in Chile. Fondo Esperanza currently supports 39,000 entrepreneurs, 87% of whom are women.

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  • Colombia

    Fundación para el Apoyo Social y Empresarial

    Fundación’s mission is to improve economic and social development by offering access to credit, education and support to people with a low socio-economical level — improving their income, living conditions, and the well-being of their families and promoting their growth in an integral and sustainable way.

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  • Mexico

    Un Techo para Mi País

    Un Techo para Mi País (UTPMP) was founded in Chile in 1997 by a group of university students who were appalled by the country’s deplorable slum conditions and felt compelled to take an active role in eradicating extreme poverty. UTPMP works to overcome the lack of opportunities and the unacceptable living conditions of more than 200 million Latin Americans. The organization works in 15 countries across the region.

    The firm supports UTPMP in Mexico City, impacting the community by improving people’s well-being. Employees and their families have participated in UTPMP projects.

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    Fideicomiso (Bécalos)

    Bécalos was formed in 2006 through an alliance consisting of The Mexican Bank Association, Fundacion Televisa and other banks within Mexico. The aim of the foundation is to benefit thousands of students and teachers, and, with their assistance, build a better society and a fair and competitive country that can face the challenges of change, growth and development.

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  • Peru

    Enseña Peru

    Enseña Peru seeks talented young professionals who can commit to working for two years in schools located in vulnerable areas. Their challenge is to achieve systemic change and improve the quality of education through teaching, training and leadership.

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