GlobeClear enables clients to better manage the complexities of clearing, settlement and custody in international markets.  By providing a single access point to global markets, GlobeClear eliminates the need for financial institutions to maintain multiple clearing relationships.

GlobeClear was designed with simplicity in mind.  A single legal agreement, flexible account structure, and single settlement account make it easier to manage OTC and CCP activity, while one cash relationship facilitates trading activity, pooling and liquidity. Information is unified and delivered through via J.P. Morgan’s web-based portal.

Key benefits include:

  • Straight-through processing and same day turnaround that increase efficiency and connectivity.  Receive and deliver securities on the same settlement date, through a single hub.
  • Financing capabilities, backed by the capital strength of J.P. Morgan, that help clients make more efficient use of their capital. 
  • Economies of scale that result in reduced capital and infrastructure requirements, paired with the safety and security of a built in contingency agent network
  • Trade and corporate action instructions, facilitated by J.P. Morgan’s flexible communications model and technology.
  • Support for most Asia Pacific currencies, via our Treasury Services cash management platform.
  • Credit and liquidity options that include secured credit facilities based on a global exposure control model and holistic valuations of traded and custodied collateral.

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