U.S. Broker Dealer Tri-Party Repo and Clearance

J.P. Morgan delivers a full range of clearance and collateral management services to support the specific needs of broker dealers.

As a leading clearing bank for U.S. Government Securities, J.P. Morgan supports broker dealers with a rapid trade settlement system that combines speed with dependability, moving book-entry deliveries to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York within seconds.

Key benefits include:

  • Expedited handling of exception items such as unmatched receives, DKs and partial trades
  • Comprehensive information that combines end-of-day reporting with the ability to respond to intra-day queries
  • Online capabilities for funds transfers initiation and book transfers
  • Flexible options that accommodate a variety of settlement activities, including automatch and autosettle features
  • Efficiencies for broker dealers trading Fed securities created from an integrated clearance and tri-party repo platform

Collateral Management
J.P. Morgan supports tri-party repo financing needs with proprietary technology and expert service that allow collateral providers to integrate activities and better manage their risk exposure. 

Key benefits include:

  • The ability to mobilize collateral quickly to meet financing needs
  • Independent pricing and asset valuation to ensure appropriate collateralization
  • Proprietary technology that optimizes collateral allocation and use, helping clients minimize impact to their balance sheets
  • Low cost of entry that limits expenses; ongoing investment is reduced as the need to maintain expensive in-house systems and operations is eliminated
  • Collateral remains in one location, enabling tri-party lenders to avoid charges for the receipt and delivery of securities
  • Ongoing J.P. Morgan investment in technology and infrastructure, including our multiyear, multimillion dollar capital investment program

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