J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services

Inquiry Manager

Real-time inquiry management and reporting solution

Inquiry Manager is J.P. Morgan’s market-leading solution for comprehensive inquiry management and reporting, enabling users to monitor and track their inquiries’ lifecycle, from issue creation to final resolution, all in real time. Inquiry Manager is part of the J.P. Morgan ACCESS portal, our single point of access for information reporting, inquiries, and investment and transaction services.              Inquiry Manager

Inquiry Manager enables users to enter, send and track inquiries directly to J.P. Morgan’s client service team. Inquiry Manager is an integrated part of our inquiry processing platform used across our business globally for inquiry routing and resolution management.

Inquiries that were previously handled via fax, phone and e-mail can now be managed through this single browser-based tool.

Features and Benefits

  • Inquiry Creation Wizard — Makes the creation of new inquiries “easier than e-mail” with simple step-by-step process
  • Inquiry Flexibility — Allows users to cancel, re-open and duplicate existing inquiries, saving time; custom inquiries can also be built
  • Resolution Control — Offers users control over each inquiry with the ability to close inquiries upon receipt of a final resolution
  • 360° View of Client Care — Provides a complete 360° view of client care online, allowing complete visibility and control of inquiries
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