J.P. Morgan ACCESS® for Investor Services

Corporate Action Instructions

Advanced event prioritization and instruction capabilities

Corporate Action Instructions is J.P. Morgan’s advanced tool for U.S. and global corporate action transaction processing. Corporate Action Instructions is part of the J.P. Morgan ACCESS® portal, our single point of access for information reporting, inquiries, and investment and transaction services.        Corporate Action Instructions

Quickly identify urgent notifications requiring response through unique color coding and e-mail alerts to reduce the risk of missed deadlines. Review full notification information and seamlessly create response instructions for single or multiple account holdings.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security — Uses J.P. Morgan ACCESS RSA SecurID® patent pending technology to digitally sign the transmission of instructions and authenticate the originating user
  • Color Coded Prioritization — Enables clients to quickly identify priority corporate action notifications via red/amber/green indicators
  • Response Instructions — Pre-populates response instructions to reduce input time with the ability to overwrite, amend and respond in bulk across multiple account holdings
  • E-mail Notification — Generates intraday e-mail notifications for outstanding events and instructions; clients can customize notifications based upon work queue status to ensure users are alerted to tasks they must perform
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