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J.P. Morgan is one of the most dynamic market leaders in the futures and options brokerage business. We have been providing Research, Sales, Execution and Clearing services across fixed income, equity, foreign exchange and commodity asset classes since 1979. Today we clear more than 70 exchanges with electronic trading access to over 50 of them.

Clients benefit from our commitment to delivering:


J.P. Morgan offers comprehensive, in-depth research on listed derivatives, OTC derivatives and their associated underlying cash markets.

J.P. Morgan’s research teams are well known for quantitative analysis, focusing on value comparisons among listed futures and options, cash markets and various derivative instruments. Our derivatives research programs can be customized to help clients tailor their individual risk management and investment strategy needs. Analytical models, daily reports and interactive tools are available.

J.P. Morgan’s sales and research teams work closely together, combining local market expertise and in-depth analysis to help clients create and execute effective trading, hedging and portfolio-management strategies.

Execution Services

J.P. Morgan has a comprehensive range of execution choices, offering centralized execution support and access to local specialists. A choice of electronic solutions provides access to our extensive global exchange network. The firm’s presence in major financial centers around the world enables us to monitor transaction flows and market trends 24 hours a day.

Clearing Services

J.P. Morgan has been a pioneer of many of the practices and services that have become standard in the futures and options industry. The firm has built its client franchise by developing long-term relationships and delivering exceptional service. J.P. Morgan has a structured approach to client management with global client teams who are 24 hour, multi-lingual and dedicated to the futures and options product.

Over 99.95% of J.P. Morgan’s business is conducted on exchanges where the firm maintains direct clearing memberships. Our core processing system operates in a global environment and is volume insensitive, processing in excess of four million contracts per day.

Client Solutions

Dedicated support, development and client teams are available to assist clients in choosing the trading and clearing solutions that best serve their requirements. J.P. Morgan’s award winning MORCOM platform offers functionality designed to achieve straight-through-processing from execution through to clearing and settlement.

MORCOM eXtraTrade is a robust trading tool offering a choice of connectivity methods into J.P. Morgan’s extensive exchange network and is available across multiple asset classes. Pre-trade order validation is managed via our risk management product. Cutting edge capacity monitoring ensures a highly stable and resilient system supported by dedicated 24 hour technical and execution teams.

MORCOM provides a flexible and innovative clearing system to clients. Ongoing development is client driven and provides functionality such as, a real-time online trade reconciliation tracker, an expiry position tracker and automated splits and allocations.

J.P. Morgan’s client education programs and online tutorials are well respected and can be customized to suit clients’ requirements.

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