Fixed Income Trading & Securities

J.P. Morgan is a global leader across credit markets, rate markets and securitized products. The firm’s fixed income offering includes:

Credit Trading and Syndicate

J.P. Morgan is a premier market maker in credit derivatives, corporate bonds and secondary loans and is a leader in terms of volume traded, issuers traded and investor relationships. The firm provides financial assets and liquidity for banks, insurance companies, finance companies, mutual funds and hedge funds. Traders, salespeople and research analysts work collectively to generate ideas and make secondary markets in high grade bonds/CDS, high yield bonds/CDS, loans/LCDS, distressed loans and bonds, preferred stock, trade claims, indices, short-term fixed income, flow exotics, private placements and illiquids.

Global Credit Syndicate works in partnership with origination, capital markets and the secondary credit trading desk to combine superior debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution and trading capabilities to a large investor base.

Additionally, Credit Trading offers a suite of credit protection and liquidity solutions, including Receivable Puts, Lease Puts, Alternative Letters of Credit (ALOCs), Claims Monetization (e.g., Bankruptcy, SIVs, Auction Rates and other illiquid claims), as well as others.


The firm provides liquidity across fixed income securities and OTC derivatives. The Rates business makes markets, provides risk management solutions and arranges financing that helps build and support corporations, financial institutions and governments. Across the G10 currencies, from government bond trades to the most complex structured interest rate notes, clients are able to transact seamlessly across our comprehensive product suite.

Securitized Products

The Securitized Products Group is engaged in a variety of activities related to consumer and real estate assets. The business originates, underwrites and trades mortgage and other asset-backed receivables, and the product mix includes residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities and loans, as well as auto, credit card, student loan and consumer receivables. The group’s capabilities include sales, trading, lending, financing, origination, capital markets, syndicate and special opportunities activities on a single platform. For more information, visit the SPG page on J.P. Morgan Markets (login required).

Fixed Income Exotics and Hybrids

The firm creates, trades and risk-manages complex financial strategies for clients in the derivatives market. Through partnership across the business, the group refines existing products to create tailor-made risk management strategies to address specific client needs. In partnership with J.P. Morgan’s Research team, the team developed proprietary Tradeable Index Strategies to allow investors to gain exposure to key asset classes, benchmarks and dynamic trading strategies.

Public Finance

The firm creates solutions to meet the complex financing needs of the firm’s public sector clients, including state and local governments, non-profit institutions and certain corporations that issue debt in the tax-exempt capital markets. Organized by sector and region, the team advises public finance clients on capital raising and refinancing of existing debt. J.P. Morgan offers clients origination, execution, infrastructure finance and private placement capabilities, as well as syndication capabilities for taxable and tax-exempt debt.

Read the Statement of Material Auction Practices and Procedures.

Sales, Marketing and Distribution

J.P. Morgan offers a full range of services across the corporate, public and non-profit sectors, including asset managers, pension funds, mutual funds, central banks, commercial banks, hedge funds and insurance companies. From simple baskets of securities to complex structured or algorithmic products, the firm enables institutional investors to trade online and in real time.

Foreign Exchange

J.P. Morgan is a top-tier liquidity provider in global FX markets, offering competitive pricing across 300 currency pairs in cash and derivative products. We offer a full spectrum of currency services – from plain vanilla to exotic options; from major currencies to emerging markets. Options specialists are located in all major FX centers, to support our clients’ needs.

Emerging Markets

J.P. Morgan serves Emerging Markets clients across origination, derivatives, trading, foreign exchange and research. Our global approach to emerging markets provides maximum reach, while a local presence in each market ensures client accessibility. Our focus is on selective, strategic opportunities to participate in developing and fast-growing local markets in Latin America, Russia, the Middle East, China and India.

Online Access

Access to the bank’s liquidity in the fixed income space is available through the following electronic channels:

  • TradeWeb
  • Bloomberg
  • BondVision
  • Trading Screen

J.P. Morgan’s research provides clients with informed views and actionable ideas. Through J.P. Morgan Markets, the firm’s research website, clients can access J.P. Morgan’s analysis and commentary.


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