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Cash Sales and Trading
Experienced sales and trading personnel, located throughout six continents, and state-of-the-art technology enable J.P. Morgan to meet our clients’ goals for advice, product, execution and service.

  • Our client-focused sales traders work with research, sector specialists and position traders to provide advice, timely market information, liquidity and best execution.
  • Our global technology platform enables us to accommodate customers in any region, as well as a broad range of cross-border flows via dedicated international desks.
  • Our strong capital base and leading trading and market-making capabilities ensure that J.P. Morgan is a top ten liquidity provider to major buy-side trading institutions.

Related Services

  • Block Bids
    A potentially more cost-efficient way to sell out a large position would be to work with J.P. Morgan Equity Capital Markets (ECM) to sell the stock to another institution in a block sale. ECM can target a broad group of potential buyers in strict confidence without indicating the seller’s identity. Leveraging our banking relationships, J.P. Morgan can communicate quickly and provide rapid execution if the issuer is a willing seller. Once a match is made, the seller is identified and the trade is executed at a negotiated spread.
  • Reverse Inquiry
    Reverse Inquiry provides a means by which institutional accounts can seek additional liquidity through the facilitation of direct shelf takedowns or block sales. By tapping J.P. Morgan Equity Capital Markets (ECM), institutional clients can place inquiries into issuers who have shelf registrations or can strategize about the purchase or sale of stock in the form of a block sale.

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