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J.P. Morgan has a dedicated team of individuals servicing the structured product requirements of our clients. The team offers a broad range of innovative investor products, liability management and hedging solutions. The range of investor products is tailored to expose clients not only to the performance of specific underlyings, but also to diversified baskets of commodities and products that provide exposure to dynamic trading strategies. The clients for such products range from institutional investors to high-net-worth individuals and financial institutions that distribute to retail investors.

J.P. Morgan launched the first commodity index to capture investment opportunities across the entire futures curve, while tracking the performance of 35 commodity markets. The J.P. Morgan Commodity Curve Index (JPMCCI) is a family of passive benchmark indices that are “curve-neutral” and diversified across a broad universe of commodities. J.P. Morgan also offers a wide range of commodities indices, including:

J.P. Morgan has established a commodity index committee comprised of members from its trading, marketing, product development and legal teams. The committee meets, when necessary, to approve certain JPM commodity indices and address changes to a J.P. Morgan index that may be necessary to correct a manifest error or address an extraordinary event. The index rules are rules-based and generally do not contain discretion. The index rules, in accordance with their own terms, may only be amended to correct a manifest error or an extraordinary event. The committee currently comprises of:

  • Stephane Audran – Managing Director, Head of Commodity Investor Products Trading
  • Scott Willig – Executive Director, Commodity Investor Products Trading
  • Selen Unsal – Managing Director, Head of Commodities Investors Sales Americas
  • Nick Vasserman – Managing Director, Head of Commodities Product Development
  • Florence Natali – Executive Director, Commodity Investor Solutions
  • Christine Nyereyegona – Vice President, Assistant General Counsel

The committee members may change from time to time.

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