History in the United Kingdom

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Key Moments in J.P. Morgan’s History

Timeline: 1799 – 1880s | 1890s – 1930s | 1940s – 1970s | 1980s – Present


1980s – Present

    2008: J.P. Morgan plays an important role in helping manage the credit crisis through the acquisition of Bear Stearns.

    1986: Chase opens an office in Bournemouth.

1940s – 1970s

    1979: Chase Manhattan purchases the Bank of Ireland’s 50% interest and renames it The Chase Bank (Ireland) Ltd.

    1970: The First National Bank of Chicago (a predecessor firm) opens a branch in Dublin at 31 Dame Street. The branch moves to 44/45 St. Stephen’s Green in 1974.

    1968: Chase Manhattan enters a joint venture with The Bank of Ireland to establish The Chase Bank of Ireland (International) Ltd. Chase takes a 50% interest in the venture.

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1890s – 1930s

    1925: Central Union Trust Co. (a predecessor firm) opens a representative office. The office becomes a full service branch in 1938.

    1910: J.S. Morgan becomes Morgan Grenfell & Co.

    1892: Guaranty Trust (a predecessor firm) opens a representative office, mostly for correspondent banking. It becomes a full service branch in 1897.

    1890: J. Pierpont Morgan becomes senior partner of J.S. Morgan & Co. in London.

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1799 – 1880s

    1887: Jarvis Conklin Mortgage & Trust Company, a predecessor firm, opens in London.

    1873: The Scottish American Investment Trust, a Robert Fleming & Co. predecessor firm, is formed.

    1854: Junius Spencer Morgan, J. Pierpont Morgan’s father, partners with George Peabody in the English banking house of George Peabody & Co. He succeeds Peabody as head of the firm and changes its name to J.S. Morgan & Co.

    1848: The Waterbury Bank opens, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

    1824: The Chemical Bank is established.

    1799: The Manhattan Company, the firm’s earliest predecessor institution, is chartered.

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