Turkey & Central Asia

Corporate Responsibility in Turkey & Central Asia

J.P. Morgan is committed to building vibrant communities, preserving our environment and promoting an inclusive culture across the globe that benefits people not only today, but for generations to come.

Globally, J.P. Morgan, through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, provides grants to charities in three areas of focus: Education, Community Development and Arts & Culture. We prioritize our funding efforts to focus on responding to the deepening social need in the communities we serve. Across Turkey and Central Asia our commitments include:

  • Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV)
  • Darussafaka Educational Institution
  • KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Turkey)

Mother Child Education Foundation (ACEV)
J.P. Morgan is supporting the implementation of the first phase of a web-based learning program (WBLP) and to develop a model showing how technology can be incorporated into literacy, empowerment, and employment initiatives to reach disenfranchised groups outside formal education. Funding from J.P. Morgan enabled ACEV to break new ground in adult literacy within Turkey by developing a new learning portal “ACEVdeokuyaz” which is one of only 5 throughout the world developed specifically for adults with no or low literacy skills.

Darussafaka Educational Institution
J.P. Morgan provided a donation in 2008 to significantly develop the current teaching training provision and the school’s continual professional development program (CPD). Darussafaka is a co-ed boarding school for high-achieving children from low-income families.  The schools’ alumni go on to study at top universities both in Turkey and throughout the world, and a significant number gain high ranking jobs in government, corporations, medicine and education. J.P. Morgan’s donation will support the entire teaching staff at the school (100) and will bring international best teaching practices to Turkey which will continue to raise the quality of secondary school education within the country.

KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Turkey)
Founded in Istanbul in September 2002 by successful female entrepreneurs, KAGİDER (Women Entrepreneurs’ Association of Turkey) is a nation-wide, world-renowned, non-profit organization. Their mission is to enable better educational and employment opportunities, to develop entrepreneurship and leadership and they are at the vanguard of advocacy for female empowerment. In recent years, KAGIDER has been working with younger girls, enabling them to have a better education and informing them of opportunities available to them within the workforce. In partnership with J.P. Morgan, and working directly with national government ministries responsible for women and education, KAGIDER will establish an official “Young KAGIDER” program, a two tiered initiative which will be initially targeted at young women studying at universities in Istanbul and throughout Turkey. The second phase will customize the program for younger girls and future school curriculum inclusion.


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