Corporate Responsibility in France

J.P. Morgan is committed to building vibrant communities, preserving our environment and promoting an inclusive culture across the globe that benefits people not only today, but for generations to come.

Globally, J.P. Morgan, through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, makes philanthropic investments in cities where it has major operations, assisting those suffering disadvantage to help them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the firm focuses its investment and attention on three pillars: Economic Development, Financial Empowerment and Workforce Readiness. Across France our commitments include:

  • Frateli
  • Groupe SOS / Le Comptoir de l’Innovation (CDI)
  • Sport dans la Ville

Frateli aims to promote personal achievement and raise aspirations amongst talented young people from low-income families. Frateli’s mentoring program aims to inspire their students and address the imbalance of opportunities for young people in France. J.P. Morgan supported the expansion of Frateli’s mentoring program from its original location in Paris to Orléan-Tours, Dijon, Reims, Amiens, Rouen, Caen and Nantes which is a strategic development to enable more students to fulfill their academic potential.

Groupe SOS / Le Comptoir de l’Innovation (CDI)
CDI is a social enterprise of Groupe SOS, the largest social business in France with 10,000 employees. CDI invests in, supports and promotes the development of social enterprises and SMEs in France and currently runs two incubator programmes. J.P. Morgan’s support will enable a collaboration between CDI, MoovJee (a non-profit specialising in youth entrepreneurship) and Réseau Entreprendre, who have been specialising in business development services for entrepreneurs for 27 years. Support will go directly towards the development of a targeted business incubator to address a current gap in the market. The incubator will provide high-value added business support services for 12 months to young entrepreneurs who want to develop their existing enterprise or take over a local business. It will focus on enterprises in the growth stage (microenterprises and SMEs within two to three years of trading) or transition stage (young entrepreneurs looking to take over businesses whose founders are retiring).

Sport dans la Ville
Sport dans la Ville is a non-profit organisation supporting over 3,000 children and young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in France to achieve better life chances through innovative outreach, engagement and training programmes. ‘L dans la ville’ is one such programme, which focuses on girls and young women between 12 and 25 years old to support their social integration and independence, and improve their access to training and employment. ‘L dans la ville’ offers creative, cultural and sporting activities to engage and establish long term relationships with the young women and their families which enables a high retention rate of participants throughout its training and job searching programmes. J.P. Morgan’s support will enable the expansion of the ‘L dans la ville’ programme across Paris to enable more young women to take part in its job training programme and enter the labour market. The job training programme comprises of five main individual and group activities to enable participants to access skills training as well as quality work experience.


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