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History in Germany, Austria & Switzerland

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Key Moments in J.P. Morgan's History

Timeline: 1799 - 1890s | 1900s - 1930s | 1940s - 1970s | 1980s - Present



1980s - Present




J.P. Morgan plays an important role in helping manage the credit crisis through the acquisition of Bear Stearns.




Following the merger of Chase Manhattan and J.P. Morgan in 2000, the two firms' private banking businesses in Switzerland merge, taking the name JPMorgan (Suisse).



Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. opens a branch in Zurich and also opens J.P. Morgan Financial Markets Ltd.




Chase Manhattan opens a full-service branch in Geneva, in addition to a representative branch and a subsidiary bank.




Chemical Bank expands its operation in Switzerland, opening a second branch in Geneva.




J.P. Morgan forms Morgan Guaranty (Switzerland) Ltd., a finance company that also engages in underwriting.




J.P. Morgan establishes a wholly-owned subsidiary bank in Geneva called J.P. Morgan (Suisse) S.A.




 1940s - 1970s




Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, a predecessor firm, opens a branch in Zurich. 

The First National Bank of Chicago, a predecessor firm, forms a subsidiary based in Geneva to co-manage Swiss franc bond issues and to broaden the bank's Eurobond trading activities.




J.P. Morgan establishes Morgan Guaranty Investment Services S.A. in Geneva, a wholly-owned subsidiary, to furnish investment advisory services to individuals and institutions outside the United States.

Chemical Bank opens a branch in Zurich. 




The First National Bank of Chicago, a predecessor firm, opens a full-service branch in Geneva.




Chase Manhattan forms a new bank in Geneva, a wholly-owned subsidiary, The Chase Manhattan Bank (Switzerland). 

Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. establishes a branch in Zurich. 




Chase Manhattan acquires a 75% interest in Osterreichische Privat-und Kommercial Bank.  In 1969 Chase purchases the remaining 25% and renames the bank Osterreichische Kommerzialbank.




Chase Manhattan opens a representative branch in Geneva.




Morgan Guaranty opens a representative office in Frankfurt, which becomes a full-service branch in 1965.




The firm obtains an unrestricted license to offer all the banking services of a universal bank anywhere in the Federal Republic.




Chase reopens in Germany — this time with branches in Frankfurt and Stuttgart.  This is the first foreign bank branch to open in Germany after WWII.


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 1900s - 1930s




Chase opens a representative office in Berlin.




Guaranty Trust Co., a predecessor firm, creates the first German ADR.


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 1799 - 1890s




The Waterbury Bank opens, a predecessor of the Chase Manhattan Bank.




The Chemical Bank is established.




The Manhattan Company, the firm's earliest predecessor institution, is chartered.


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