Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

Corporate Responsibility in Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg

J.P. Morgan is committed to building vibrant communities, preserving our environment and promoting an inclusive culture across the globe that benefits people not only today, but for generations to come.

Globally, J.P. Morgan, through the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, makes philanthropic investments in cities where it has major operations, assisting those suffering disadvantage to help them build better lives for themselves, their families and their communities. Across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the firm focuses its investment and attention on three pillars: Economic Development, Financial Empowerment and Workforce Readiness. Across Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg our commitments include:

  • King Baudouin Foundation
  • International Debate Education Association (IDEA)
  • Participation, Emancipation Professionals (formerly Importante)
  • Qredits
  • Caritas


King Baudouin Foundation (KBF)
KBF was created in 1976 to mark the 25th anniversary of King Baudouin’s reign. Its objective is to make a lasting contribution to justice, democracy and respect for diversity. Each year KBF provides financial support for approximately 1,800 organisations and individuals committed to building a better society. Its areas of focus range from poverty to social justice, democracy in Belgium and in the Balkans, from philanthropy to health, leadership to local engagement and migration.

Previous funding from the firm enabled KBF to pilot ‘Boost’, a programme supporting young people from immigrant families to access higher education, qualifications and a chance to enter employment. Building on the success of the pilot, which strengthened the technical abilities and improved the personal and academic development of a number of these young people, J.P. Morgan’s support will now go to funding the second phase of this programme, which will expand the support to additional young people.

The Netherlands:

International Debate Education Association (IDEA)
Since 1999, IDEA has been developing, organising and promoting debate and debate-related activities in communities internationally. Through this, they promote cultural sensitivity and intercultural learning between groups at all levels of society, building links between communities all over the world. With its network of schools and youth centres in Belgium and the Netherlands, IDEA NL focuses especially on disadvantaged neighbourhoods. J.P. Morgan support will enable the development and implementation of a programme which raises the awareness of financial education and intercultural engagement through debate. Debates will take place in 20 locations across Belgium and The Netherlands, reaching young people but also aimed at creating awareness amongst local communities.

Participation, Emancipation Professionals, PEP (formerly Importante)

PEP is a registered NGO in The Hague that helps migrant women become more independent through tailored education and work programmes.  A large group of women in The Netherlands are in a vulnerable and disadvantaged position.  Between the ages of 15 and 65 years, only 46% of the women (versus 70% of the men) are economically independent and only 46.3% of migrant women participate in the labour market.

In response to this situation, J.P. Morgan is supporting the ‘Bismiss School’, a personalized initiative focusing on female entrepreneurship training and business development.  In 2010, 30 financially vulnerable women were selected to take part in the programme, receiving various forms of training and skills development targeted to starting a business. Current support is providing post-start up training to the women who started their own company, an impact assessment and a measured scale-up of the methodology of the Bismiss School to other municipalities in The Netherlands. 


Qredits is a non-profit organisation and the only microfinance institution in the Netherlands that operates at a national level. In partnership with the Dutch government, a number of Dutch national banks and the European Commission, Qredits offers its customers a variety of services, including microloans, entrepreneurial development loans and business development services. Their services are aimed at start-ups and entrepreneurs who are financially or socially excluded from receiving this support from regular providers.

J.P. Morgan support will enable Qredits to build the capacity of its programmes in the Netherlands in order to achieve scale. This will entail a comprehensive research and analysis piece on applicants who have been previously rejected for a loan at intake level; the further professionalization of business development service delivery and a build in the capacity of Qredits’ monitoring and evaluation tool.


Caritas was founded in 1932 as a federation of social service organisations in Luxembourg.  Now it comprises 18 different organisations engaged in various humanitarian fields, committed to helping people who are the most disadvantaged, new to the country or have lost their way or position. As part of this mission, Caritas supports excluded young people by offering assisted living, integration programmes, literacy and basic skills training, job-search workshops and personal & professional skills training for the unemployed.

J.P. Morgan support will enable Caritas to develop a one-year pilot programme, ‘Passerelle vers l’emploi’. This programme will offer support to young people from immigrant backgrounds as they begin their search for a job or endeavour to enter into further education or training. The aim is to help these young people develop their work profile and support them in their first steps in to employment or further education, a stage presenting critical problems for many who have no previous on-the-job training, formal work experience or references. To achieve this, Caritas will offer a specialised service, dependant on individual needs, providing the target group with the guidance and additional support needed to ultimately secure and retain a job.




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