Our History in China


以下是我们从摩根大通历史档案库中选取的一组珍贵照片,希望这些照片能为您提供摩根大通在中国发展历程的掠影。摩根大通历史档案库中保存的历史资料最早可以追溯到 1799 年,这些资料提供了有关摩根大通及其前身机构历史发展的宝贵信息。

选择突出显示的图片可以查看时间线,单击图片可以了解更多详细信息。除非另有说明,“摩根大通在华历史”的所有照片均由摩根大通公司历史档案库提供。(要求:Internet Explorer 6 或更高版本。)


A picture is worth a thousand words

Below, we have selected a number of memorable photographs from the JPMorgan Chase Archive collection, which we hope will provide a glimpse into the firm’s history in the region. With content that dates back to 1799, the Archives provide valuable insights into the heritage of the firm and its predecessor institutions.

To explore the timeline, click on an image to select it, then click on it again to see additional detail. All photos of “J.P. Morgan in China” provided by JPMorgan Chase & Co. Archives unless otherwise noted. (Technical requirements: Internet Explorer 6 or greater.)


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