Our Chinese Art Collection


经过50多年的不断收集和整理,摩根大通艺术品收藏已成为全球公认的企业艺术收藏之一。时至今日,曾激发“工作中的艺术”这一创始收藏主题的探索精神依然绽放着闪亮耀眼的光芒,因为这些收藏包含了来自世界各地的艺术家们具有创新和开创性的作品,勾画着未来的图景。摩根大通企业艺术收藏重点关注于现当代绘画、雕塑、平面和摄影艺术品等领域,而这些艺术品来自于我们业务遍及的每个国家,其多样性使得摩根大通的艺术收藏更加丰富多彩。很多艺术收藏品都被陈列在我们的办公区域,为银行员工和客户提供欣赏艺术的福利 和机会。

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Explore our art collection by Chinese artists

With more than 50 years of collecting, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection has become one of the world’s most established corporate collections. The adventurous spirit that sparked its original vision of “art at work” glows brightly today as the Collection presents works by international artists who are shaping the future through their innovation and creative vision. The diverse range of objects from every country in which JPMorgan Chase does business complements the Collection’s core focus on modern and contemporary painting, sculpture, works on paper and photography, displayed for the benefit of employees and clients.

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