Credit and Liquidity Facilities

Many decades of working with not-for-profits has given J.P. Morgan a deep understanding of these organizations' unique cash flow cycles and credit needs. In this climate of financial uncertainty, this experience is critical, enabling us to tailor solutions for measurable, long-term benefits.

In addition, for not-for-profit organizations needing access to the capital markets, our public finance partners at JPMorgan Securities LLC provide world-class advisory and underwriting investment banking services.

Direct Purchase Bonds - J.P.Morgan provides long-term financing for new projects or the refunding of existing debt through the direct purchase of taxable or tax-exempt bonds with competitive variable or fixed interest rates and low transaction costs.

Credit Enhancement Facilities - J.P. Morgan provides both Standby Bond Purchase Agreements and Direct Pay Letters of Credit to provide credit and liquidity support for not-for profit organizations' tax-exempt bond issues.

Term Loans - J.P. Morgan works with not-for-profit organizations to structure term loans for capital acquisitions or technology upgrades that best match the borrower's needs and debt capacity.

Bridge Financing - Tailored bridge financing allows not-for profit organizations to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow until more permanent financing or funding is available.

Lines of Credit - J.P. Morgan offers revolving lines of credit to help not-for-profit organizations manage their short-term working capital needs.

Letters of Credit - J.P. Morgan specialists are experts in structuring letters of credit appropriate for specific purposes, risk tolerance and objectives.

Equipment Financing - A full suite of equipment financing structures to meet your financial objectives, including term financing and on and off-balance sheet leasing with tax-exempt or taxable interest rates. Tailored payment structures and low transaction costs make our equipment financing solutions a great way to enhance cash flows for our not-for-profit clients.

Capital Markets - For not-for-profit organizations seeking investment advice and access to the capital markets, we facilitate client contact with our world-class J.P. Morgan Investment Bank for capital raising, mergers and acquisitions.

To learn more about how J.P. Morgan's financial solutions for not-for-profit organizations can help you, please contact us or call your Commercial Banker.

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