Higher Education

Credit and Liquidity Facilities

Colleges and universities need ample liquidity in the form of cash reserves and credit facilities to maintain daily operations and their status with ratings agencies. They also require capital to fund projects such as student housing, classrooms, lecture centers and athletic facilities—in the U.S. and overseas.

Equipment Financing - Equipment financing structured for schools' financial objectives includes full financing, tax-exempt interest rates, tailor-made payment structures, and low transaction costs.

Short-term (Bridge) Financing - Tailored, short-term financing allows colleges and universities to meet current obligations by providing immediate cash flow until more permanent financing or funding is available.

Direct Purchase Bonds/Notes - J.P. Morgan will be the sole investor by purchasing bonds directly, for new money issuance or refunding, on a taxable or tax-exempt basis, with variable or fixed rates.

Lines of Credit/Term Loans - J.P. Morgan offers lines of credit or term loans to help colleges and universities meet current obligations, or to support acquisition or technology upgrades.

Letters of Credit - J.P. Morgan specialists are experts in structuring letters of credit enhancements appropriate for specific risk tolerance and objectives.

Liquidity and Investments - At your request, your Commercial banker can provide you access to a J.P. Morgan Asset Management professional who can provide a full spectrum of U.S., international and global investment solutions for your endowments and foundations.

Capital Markets - For schools needing access to the capital markets, we facilitate client contact with our world-class J.P. Morgan Investment Bank for capital raising, mergers and acquisitions.

To learn more about how J.P. Morgan's financial solutions for higher education can help you, please contact us or call your Commercial Banker.

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