Treasury Services and Investor Services

J.P. Morgan, a global leader in financial liquidity, offers personalized service in Cash Management, Foreign Trade, Escrow and Depositary Receipts fully engineered to meet the characteristics and needs of companies operating in Brazil.

  • Cash Management
    Current account services, payments and receivables can be managed in Portuguese safely and quickly through the Internet banking service, J.P. Morgan Brazil Online.
  • Foreign Trade
    J.P. Morgan supports large, medium and small-sized companies in their activities of import and export, providing the following products: Exchange, FEC/ACE, Finimp and Local Bank Guarantee.
  • Escrow (Controlled Account)
    J.P. Morgan provides services for the custody of assets and control solutions for risk mitigation release, including M&A, Trade and Project Finance, Trade Relations and others.
  • Depositary Receipts
    J.P. Morgan provides robust and specialized depositary receipt (DR) services to corporate issuers and investors in Brazil.

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