Corporate Responsibility

At JPMorgan Chase, we believe we have a unique and fundamental responsibility to help our clients and communities navigate a complex global economy and address their economic and social challenges. We use our strength, global reach, expertise, relationships, and our access to capital to make a positive impact in cities around the world. And every year, JPMorgan Chase and our employees donate significant amounts of time and money to help local charities.

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In Australia and New Zealand, the firm works with a number of partners that have programs focused on helping youth and young adults to acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences needed to obtain jobs, as well as well as programs that help employers access skilled employees.

Australian Business and Community Network (ABCN)

The Australian Business & Community Network is an organisation dedicated to bringing business leaders together to address social issues in the community, with a focus on improving education for students from low socio-economic backgrounds.

J.P. Morgan partners with the Australian Business and Community Network to deliver the InRoads initiative, a professional mentoring program focused on graphic design in Sydney and Melbourne for 35 unemployed youths. InRoads incorporates access to the latest technology, as well as access to industry professionals with expert knowledge of the requirements of contemporary graphic designers to help them join the workforce.   In addition, J.P. Morgan supports the Arts Access program, working in partnership with Sydney based arts organisations ABCN will deliver arts experiences to students who would not otherwise have access to these opportunities.

J.P. Morgan employees also continue to play an active role in key ABCN mentoring programs, namely, the Partners in Learning, Aspirations, Focus, GOALS, Rise and SPARK programs.

  • Partners in Learning matches senior business partners with principals and deputy principals in order to share experiences and understand the challenges facing many young people today.
  • Aspirations is a mentoring program for Year 11 students that equips them with knowledge and employability skills to transition successfully from High School to further study and/or work.
  • Focus is a program which seeks to provide high potential young women with the essential leadership skills that they will need to engage in a meaningful career.
  • Growing Opportunities and Learning Skills (GOALS) is a mentoring program that sees Year 9 students with limited opportunity paired with professionals from a wide range of roles, who can encourage them to consider their vocational and educational options.
  • Rise is a reading mentoring program for high school students who are falling behind in literacy and therefore not able to participate fully in high school. The program focuses on developing literacy, confidence and social skills.
  • SPARK Reading and Literacy Support is a mentoring program where business professionals spend an hour each week over two terms reading and spending time with students in Years 2 and 3. The program offers students the chance to socialise and learn from a non-familial adult interested in seeing them succeed.

Social Ventures Australia / Beacon Foundation

Social Ventures Australia (SVA) works with innovative partners to invest in social change. SVA is a non-profit organisation that helps to create better education and employment outcomes for disadvantaged Australians by bringing the best of business to the ‘for purpose’ sector, and by working with partners to strategically invest capital and expertise. 

Through SVA, J.P. Morgan is working with the Beacon Foundation, a national non-profit organisation working in more than 110 secondary schools and communities across all Australian states and territories. It believes all young Australians can develop an independent will to achieve success for themselves and their community. 

Beacon works in areas where low levels of educational advantage impact young people’s chances to successfully transition from school to employment, further education or training. As a consequence, these young people are at risk of ‘falling through the cracks’ and becoming welfare dependent. By harnessing the involvement of local businesses and communities, students gain first-hand workplace experiences, a range of educational resources and workplace skills, and the personal and employability skills they need to lift their aspirations and increase their motivation to succeed. 

Beacon Foundation’s Real Futures Generation (RFG), a work readiness program, takes the Beacon program the next step. The RFG program model is based on a ‘funnel’ of activities designed to introduce wide-ranging and different industry and career options to Beacon students and at the same time develop their pre-employment capacity and work readiness skills. Our funding will introduce 1500 students to possible career options and will provide skills training to better equip 120 of them to gain meaningful employment and, at the same time, help to meet Australia’s skills shortages.  

Reach Foundation

The Reach Foundation encourages all young people, regardless of circumstance, to get the most out of life. The organisation’s crew of inspirational young leaders run workshops, weekends away and large-scale events that improve teenagers’ overall levels of self-esteem, optimism and feelings of control, helping them to believe in themselves and take control of their lives.

J.P. Morgan supports the “Reach Transitions” program which aims to engage young people, increase their wellbeing and set them up to experience success in employment.  Through Secondary Schools Wellbeing Workshops, Leadership Skills Workshops, Work Experience and Mentoring, the program aims to increase young peoples’ wellbeing, emotional intelligence and personal development. These various workshops deliver employability skills, coaching and career guidance, so they are able to have a positive impact on their peers and act as future leaders in the workforce and broader community.


Youthline is a 100% community service focused on supporting and developing young people across New Zealand for over 40 years. Youthline provides support, development and leadership opportunities.  Through youth development programs to schools and students throughout the Wellington region, Youthline aims to support young people to develop positive relationships, positive mental health, and awareness about relating to themselves and others.  J.P. Morgan supports Youthline Wellington’s Youth Development and Representative Programs to help young people develop essential life skills and empower them to make positive life choices, and practical experience in working within organisational decision making processes, giving feedback and connecting and collaborating with the youth community.   


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