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J.P. Morgan allows clients to access account information, streamline the processing of payables and receivables and track transaction and enquiries through a number of online banking systems and tools including:

ACCESS Internet Banking

J.P. Morgan ACCESS is a web-based tool providing treasury professionals worldwide with a secure, single point of access to a wide range of Treasury Services, financial transactions and account information products via the internet. The capabilities of ACCESS include:

  • Single sign-on, providing access to a range of authorised accounts, services and functionality through a single username and ID
  • Integrated access to information reporting, transaction initiation services and inquiries
  • Advanced cash management capabilities performed in real time
  • Multi-layered security, which protects privacy and authenticity of users, data and transactions
  • Modular design, allowing clients the flexibility to select only those features and functions needed and adding them when they see fit

The key modules supported by ACCESS are:

  • Cash Balance and Transactions involves the downloading of daily statements, monthly consolidated balances and reports
  • Funds Transfer Initiation is a transfer system used to initiate U.S. dollar and multicurrency payments at J.P. Morgan and other banks
  • Global ACH enables clients to make non-urgent low value electronic payments and collections efficiently and securely via the Internet from accounts in 20 countries
  • eServe is a self-service, internet-based management tool that enables clients to make inquiries and get reporting information on their Global Clearing and/or U.S. dollar ACH transactions
  • E-Trade provides traditional trade products and services via the web to automate processes, enhance efficiencies and reduce errors while creating minimal set-up and maintenance costs
  • Receivables Edge enables clients to view transaction data and images stored on a server at J.P. Morgan using a standard web browser


J.P. Morgan ACCESS


The key benefits of ACCESS are:

  • Its simple and low cost deployment via a standard browser, reducing the need for customised software and providing real time access to new software updates and system enhancements
  • One system worldwide to view balance information and initiate transactions in multiple currencies and markets
  • Ability to deploy on both a centralised and decentralised basis providing broader access at a head office level and narrower access to local subsidiary options
  • Fast, reliable, efficient access to data, transaction facilities and decision-support tools, allowing for better decision making

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Web-based Enquiry Management

J.P. Morgan's web-based enquiry management tool, eServe, is available through the J.P. Morgan ACCESS portal. Clients can service, report and track routine issues involving incoming and outgoing funds transfers and automated clearing house (ACH) U.S. dollar origination transactions, online 24 hours a day, seven days a week from a desktop, laptop or a wireless device. J.P. Morgan eServe helps clients to:

  • search, review and research transaction details
  • confirm transactions
  • open inquiries and track resolution online
  • track all enquiries with built-in audit trails
  • receive rapid funds transfer notifications via e-mail or wireless device
  • generate easy-to-review service-level reports quickly for your accounts and track resolution

It provides benefits to clients by:

  • Offering clients direct access into J.P. Morgan's back-office systems to view transactions and initiate inquiries
  • Creating an audit trail of all inquiries (as opposed to a phone call to J.P. Morgan, which would not provide this level of audit information and history details)
  • Allowing efficient, easy and secure execution of ACH reversals/reclaims and funds transfer amendments, cancellations, recalls or debit authorisations
  • Offering seamless transfer from search to investigation

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Host-to-Host Connectivity

J.P. Morgan's Host-to-Host Connectivity is a specialised solution for larger organisations who use enterprise systems and who manage large volumes of transactions for their shared service centre or payment factory. The diagram below demonstrates the link Host-to-Host Connectivity plays between the client and the various types of payments:


Host to Host diagram


The capabilities of Host-to-Host Connectivity include:

  • Covering multiple locations, currencies and payment types from a single source connection
  • Linking with back office FX systems to support FX wire and draft transactions
  • Supporting unlimited remittance details delivery via email or fax for each payment
  • Supporting multi-bank payments and information advising via a single channel

Benefits for the client include:

  • Improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and accuracy via automated file transmission and transaction processing
  • Enhancing security and control in the payment process to deter fraud
  • Offering a full range of payment types, delivery methods and security environments in direct connection to J.P. Morgan for worldwide transaction-initiation
  • Offering value-added services such as holiday bypass, back value date, forward value date and missed payment cut-off time handlings
  • Allowing clients to outsource a nonrevenue-producing function and promote efforts to streamline operating processes and reduce expenses

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Treasury Online

Treasury Online is an all-in-one, internet-based treasury management system that supports inter-company netting, cash flow forecasting, risk analysis and dealing. It supports:

  • Consolidation of payments among multiple subsidiaries
  • Audit trails for payment reconciliation and dispute resolution
  • Consolidation of daily, weekly and monthly forecasts and bank account information facilitating management of cash flows
  • Linking of business units to treasury operations to capture and consolidate FX hedging requirements
  • Automation of internal and external FX trading from beginning to end
  • Execution of spot, forward outright and swap transactions

Benefits of the system include:

  • Reducing cash flow movements, outstanding debts and time spent managing settlements
  • Providing global visibility, improved multicurrency liquidity management
  • Providing stronger controls and audit trails across an organisation
  • Enabling informed hedging decisions through drill down exposure management tools
  • Support for both local and centralised treasury execution

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