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Domestic Cash Management

J.P. Morgan offers a full range of domestic cash management services in Australia including:

Bank Accounts

J.P. Morgan offers both Australian Dollar and onshore foreign currency bank accounts held with J.P. Morgan Sydney Branch. Accounts are accessible via J.P. Morgan's internet banking system and deposits/cheques can be made and cashed at any branch of the National Australia Bank.

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J.P. Morgan supports a full range of domestic and international payment types including corporate cheques, outsourced cheque printing, foreign currency drafts, direct credits, telegraphic transfers, overseas wire transfers and international giros.

Payments can be generated using J.P. Morgan's internet banking system, ACCESS or via host to host processing of multi-currency, multi-payment files sent from an ERP or treasury management system. J.P. Morgan also support payments generated via SWIFT Corporate and other multi-banking arrangements.

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J.P. Morgan supports inward processing of various domestic and international payment types including:

  • Cheques
  • Drafts
  • Inward direct credits
  • Outward direct debits
  • Telegraphic transfers
  • International wire transfers
  • Credit card payments
  • BPAY transactions
  • Over the counter deposits, which can be made at any branch of the National Australia Bank

J.P. Morgan also offers automated matching and reconciliation of inward payments to outstanding receivables using its online receivables matching software, Receivables Edge, which clients can access via J.P. Morgan's internet banking system, ACCESS. This enables clients to reduce the level of manually matched items and speed the reconciliation process leaving staff to focus on more important activities such as following up late payments and servicing customers.

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Liquidity Management

J.P. Morgan offers automated pooling or concentration of balances across multiple accounts for investment of surplus funds in a range of interest bearing accounts or products including time deposits and high yielding investment accounts.

J.P. Morgan is also introducing a liquidity management portal as part of J.P. Morgan ACCESS that will provide clients with a graphical representation of account structures and liquidity dashboards to actively manage balances and electronically initiate and manage time deposits and other investments.

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