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Master Custody

Accounting services

J.P. Morgan’s specialised teams provide a range of value-added accounting services, including unit pricing, statutory and financial reporting and taxation services.

All J.P. Morgan clients are served by a multicurrency accounting system that offers trade-date-based and fully accrued accounting and reporting in accordance with GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). The system classifies earnings information into income, realised gains/losses and unrealised gains/losses. This information can also be further segregated into categories such as gains/losses resulting from market movements, currency movements and foreign exchange operations, by currency and by instrument. Valuation and transactional reports are generated for clients in the clients’ currency and in the local currency of the investments, showing both cost and market values in the dual currencies.

All J.P. Morgan’s accounting reports are provided online via its secured information delivery platform, JPMorgan ACCESS. Furthermore, the firm offers clients customised reports that show portfolio valuations and transactional reports in currencies different from that portfolio’s base currency. This is essential for clients who have reporting requirements to offshore parent companies and clients.

Investment Analytics

J.P. Morgan’s Performance Analytics service uses input data and calculation methodologies that are consistent with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

J.P. Morgan professionals use their experience to thoroughly assess each client’s needs and develop individualised solutions. Through a unique and proven approach based on client needs, we employ effective analytical tools and technology to help clients maximise their investment success within defined risk parameters.

Compliance Monitoring

In 1994, J.P. Morgan was the first custodian in Australia to offer a compliance-monitoring product and has provided daily compliance since 1996. These pioneering efforts by J.P. Morgan in Australia set the direction for J.P. Morgan’s global product offering – initiating the world’s best practice locally. J.P. Morgan’s compliance system is a fully integrated, automated system, utilising the in-house, globally developed application to deliver its compliance services.

Unit Pricing and Registry

J.P. Morgan has extensive experience in daily unit pricing, striking a significant volume of unit prices each day across a range of investment product types, including Division 6 trusts, pooled superannuation trusts (PSTs), allocated pensions and member investment choice options. The firm’s unit pricing offering is supported by a fully integrated accounting and general ledger system. J.P. Morgan developed proprietary exception processing tools to increase the accuracy and efficiency with which unit prices are calculated. J.P. Morgan also provides a wholesale registry service to support the needs of clients, offering institutional trust products or fund-of-fund structures. The firm’s registry system supports a wide range of fee structures and provides extensive management reporting capabilities.


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