Corporate & Investment Bank

Domestic and Global Custody

Investor Services provides custody and securities servicing solutions to the world’s leading institutional investors, including fund managers, insurance companies, superannuation funds and banks.

Asset Safekeeping and Servicing

J.P. Morgan meets the needs of institutional investors by providing extensive experience, comprehensive products and advanced technology designed to optimise efficiency, enhance revenues and mitigate risks associated with global investing. With regional custody service centres worldwide, the firm handles trade processing and settlement, asset servicing and electronic information delivery in multiple time zones and languages on a fully integrated platform.

Transaction Capture and Settlement

J.P. Morgan is a leader in promoting the use of automation and market standards in processing client trade instructions, a critical requirement as global markets move toward shortened settlement cycles. The firm contributed broad expertise in leading numerous industry efforts aimed at streamlining the global trade processing infrastructure and improving straight-through processing of institutional transactions. Trade instructions are typically communicated between confirmed and credited payments.

Corporate Actions

J.P. Morgan’s Corporate Actions system receives information on corporate events from daily automated vendor feeds and major market sources as well as its own extensive sub-custodian network. To extend comprehensive service to its global client base, the firm maintains a 24-hour customer service centre to answer client inquiries on active corporate events. J.P. Morgan offers the flexibility of online notification and response to voluntary actions and is a market leader in utilising the latest SWIFT 15022 corporate-action messaging standards. Timely and accurate information, aggressive response deadlines and extensive tracking of responses allow clients to minimise risk while making informed investment decisions according to fast-breaking market developments.

Proxy Voting

J.P. Morgan provides innovative and flexible proxy services in the majority of established international markets. As corporate governance becomes an increasingly critical requirement for its global clients, the firm provides a comprehensive online global proxy voting solution via the SWIFT network, mainframe-to-mainframe links that support multiple data formats or online through its client-only Web portal, J.P. Morgan ACCESS.

Global Income

J.P. Morgan is able to coordinate the announcement capture, accrual, collection and disbursement of all cash dividends and interest income according to clients’ entitlement and disposal instructions. The AutoCredit facility is available in virtually all sophisticated global markets and helps ensure reliable access to funds and cash management opportunities. Daily online reports keep clients informed of conditional income projections as well as the status of provisional, local expertise.

Tax Reclamation

The ongoing efforts of J.P. Morgan, a proven leader in the area of tax authority intermediation, have resulted in faster, more efficient reclaims in the markets in which its clients choose to invest. In many of the major markets, J.P. Morgan provides tax relief at source for eligible clients. This provision allows applicable tax benefits to be posted on income payable date, eliminating having to file reclaims. The firm’s tax-reclaim system determines where tax reclaims are possible, calculates the reclaim amounts, produces the relevant reclaim forms and tracks the progress of the reclaim. Tax refunds received from local tax authorities are recorded on the tax-reclaim system, reconciled against the outstanding reclaim items and paid to the appropriate beneficiaries.

Class Action Management

Following the significant increase in class action activity and the interest in this area, J.P. Morgan has created a lodgement service for U.S.-settled securities class actions. The firm’s superior class action filing service provides clients with powerful solutions, enabling investors to focus on core investment management business functions. Services include providing access to active identification and monitoring capabilities for class action activity and a full claims filing service.

Securities Lending

J.P. Morgan was one of the first banks to offer global lending and continues today to be recognised as an industry leader. J.P. Morgan’s securities lending programme expanded in 1999 to serve the needs of domestic Australian lenders, providing the market with billions in lendable inventory of domestically held stock. Lenders in Australia truly benefit from a programme combining the very best of domestic and international features, and the firm’s product offering today includes discretionary, directed, noncustody and third-party lending services. J.P. Morgan also provides one of the most comprehensive indemnified securities lending programmes in the industry.


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