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Alternative Investment Services

Continued growth in the alternative investment sector has been the catalyst for J.P. Morgan’s global alternative asset servicing group. Combining recent acquisitions of administration companies Tranaut and Paloma Partners with industry-leading systems such as Investran, J.P. Morgan can accommodate all asset types, including hedge funds, funds of hedge funds, private equity, infrastructure, commodities and synthetic instruments such as futures and options.

Private Equity Fund Services

Private Equity Fund Services offers high-quality outsourced administration and banking services to private-equity firms and institutional investors. J.P. Morgan enables private-equity managers and institutional investors to focus on building wealth – while taking care of all their administrative needs.

J.P. Morgan has the people, processes and technology to deliver a full suite of services. The Private Equity Fund Services group includes more than 160 professionals with decades of experience in private-equity accounting and operations. The team is highly skilled in providing outsourced services to private-equity funds and institutional limited partners globally. J.P. Morgan has invested in a market-leading technology solution to service clients in a secure, confidential environment with strong controls.

Private Equity Fund Services:

  • Fund Administration
  • Alternative Investment Portfolio Administration
  • Banking Products

For private-equity funds, J.P. Morgan offers comprehensive Fund Administration services, including middle- and back-office outsourcing services such as investor tracking, fund accounting, tax-support services and investor reporting. For institutional limited partners, the firm provides Alternative Investment Portfolio Administration services to clients seeking support in the management and reporting of their alternative investment portfolios.

For both audiences, J.P. Morgan affords access to a wide range of complementary Banking Products for the private-equity community.

Private Equity Fund Services has extensive experience in administering complex private-equity fund structures and servicing institutional limited partners diversified investment portfolios. The team provides outsourcing services to more than 130 funds, which represents roughly $50 billion in committed capital, as well as 45 of the world’s largest institutional investors with more than $100 billion in aggregate committed capital across several thousand investments.

J.P. Morgan’s premier technology platform provides the most comprehensive and flexible reporting in the market, and the firm’s expertise and resources are ideally positioned to set up and manage high-quality outsourced relationships with both general partners and institutional limited partners worldwide.

Hedge Fund Services

J.P. Morgan’s Hedge Fund Services delivers an extensive solution for hedge fund and funds of hedge funds clients seeking independent administration and custody services or to outsource their day-to-day operations.

As a trusted partner, J.P. Morgan offers clients the right combination of experience and service quality by bringing together expertise in middle- and back-office servicing, proven processes and technology and the global resources needed to manage complex relationships across the hedge fund industry. The firm offers services in Australia as well as local support in several locations around the globe, including Dublin, London, Luxembourg, Bermuda, Boston and Greenwich, Connecticut.

J.P. Morgan’s experienced personnel and innovative technical platforms provide clients with a comprehensive suite of services tailored to individual needs, irrespective of fund strategy or size.

In addition, all Hedge Fund Services clients benefit from J.P. Morgan’s global presence, industry-leading capabilities and wide array of services supported by the JPMorgan franchise.

Cash Management

J.P. Morgan is able to offer its client a wide range of banking services and liquidity management options either directly or in conjunction with our Treasury Services group. The firm developed a variety of cash management solutions both on balance sheet with J.P. Morgan and off balance sheet through access to a wide range of liquidity funds and alternative investment options, both proprietary and third party.

Foreign Exchange

External surveys establish J.P. Morgan as one of the leading global providers of foreign exchange (FX) services with an estimated 7-10% of the US$3.2 trillion per day FX market. The institution offers a unique combination of geographic breadth, product depth, superior liquidity capability across products and currencies, and top research and value-added strategies delivered by sales professionals proficient in multiple products. J.P. Morgan’s comprehensive product offerings include spot, forwards, options and nondeliverable forwards in liquid and exotic currencies.


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