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J.P. Morgan Taiwan has leading positions across asset management, custody and securities services, cash management, mergers and acquisitions, debt capital markets, derivatives, equities and equity capital markets. Learn more about our businesses:

Asset Management
J.P. Morgan Asset Management has had a presence in Taiwan since 1985, when one of its predecessor firms, Jardine Fleming, was established to offer a range of investment products to domestic investors. It was the first internationally managed investment house to be established in the country and it launched its first equity fund in 1994. The first 11 foreign investment vehicles approved by the local regulatory authority were managed by the firm. Today J.P. Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest distributors of foreign unit trusts in Taiwan.

With its reputation for innovation and market leadership, J.P. Morgan Asset Management is committed to helping investors reach their financial goals by providing them with a broad range of professionally managed funds, excellence in investment performance, and the highest quality of client service.

We offer a wide range of pooled products to meet all investment needs. These include aggressive theme funds, hedge funds and single country equity funds, Asia Pacific regional equity funds, global equity funds, and the more conservative balanced, bond and liquidity funds. Our extensive range of products and comprehensive services offers investors an efficient and simple way to build wealth.

Learn more about Asset Management in Taiwan.


Investment Bank
J.P. Morgan provides advisory services through Taiwan's largest Investment Bank team. The services include equity and debt capital market products, mergers and acquisitions advisory, foreign exchange and derivatives, equity derivatives, cash equity, futures and options, and research. Clients of the Investment Bank have access to all of J.P. Morgan's global products and services that are offered through its extensive international network of offices. Learn more about the Investment Bank globally.


Treasury Services *
J.P. Morgan supports the majority of its Taiwan-based clients' daily operating needs.

Account Services
J.P. Morgan offers bank accounts in TWD and multiple foreign currencies, including USD. Local currency demand deposit accounts are available to non-residents (i.e., companies that are not granted a registration license in Taiwan will need a representative or agent in Taiwan).

Payables and Receivables Management Services
Payables and Receivables Management Services include over-the-counter cash services, high- and low-value electronic payments and receipts, book transfers, foreign currency payments, FX trading and e-mail notifications. Check payments are available NTD and drafts can be issued in USD and EUR in Taipei, in addition to using a corporate checkbook in NTD.

Foreign Exchange Services
J.P. Morgan is a top-tier liquidity provider in global FX markets, offering competitive pricing across multiple currency pairs in cash and derivative products. We offer a full spectrum of currency services — from plain vanilla to exotic options, and from major currencies to emerging markets.

J.P. Morgan combines its leading foreign exchange and global funds transfer capabilities to provide clients with convenient ways to handle their foreign currency payments and manage foreign currency exposures. Our local teams ensure we are on hand to respond to our clients with the best service and advice.

Liquidity Management Services

  • Physical cash concentration (in-country sweeping services)
  • Interest-bearing accounts
  • Time deposits
  • Working capital facilities

Trade Services

  • A complete suite of classical trade and structured trade in support of trade financing and risk-mitigated requirements
  • Domestic and cross-border services are available in local currency and foreign currencies, subject to exchange controls

Electronic Banking Services: J.P. Morgan Channels
J.P. Morgan electronic banking services provide an easy and efficient way to interface with J.P. Morgan Taiwan and the global J.P. Morgan network.  Our broad range of banking services includes accounts payable, payroll, treasury settlement, cash accounting and collections management. Supported channels include:

  • Browser — Initiate web-based electronic payments as well as intraday and end-of-day information reporting.
  • Host to host — Integrates with your financial systems to process bulk files for both local and foreign currency payments and other related communications. Includes SWIFT Corporate Access.

J.P. Morgan is a direct member of the Central Bank of the Republic of China (CBC) Interbank Funds Transfer System (IFS) and Financial Information Service Company Limited (FISC), Taiwan's electronic clearing systems for high- and low-value electronic payments. J.P. Morgan also has direct membership in the Taiwan Clearing House (TCH) for check clearing in the Taipei area.

J.P. Morgan provides daily in-country customer service support to clients in English.

Learn more about Treasury Services globally, or contact us to discuss your treasury management needs.


Investor Services
J.P. Morgan Investor Services (IS) safe keeps, values, clears and services securities and portfolios for investors and broker/dealers. The business is a global leader in providing innovative solutions, helping clients in more than 90 markets optimize efficiency, mitigate risk and enhance revenue through custody and investor services as well as securities clearance and collateral management offerings. IS also provides depositary receipts services to leading corporations seeking overseas capital raising and stock exchange listings.

J.P. Morgan offers a comprehensive range of core and specialized investment products to our Taiwan clients above and beyond competitive offerings. IS can tailor solutions specifically to our clients' needs, combining a wide range of products with the market-leading services of a top-tier investment bank.

In addition to our many global capabilities, which are not dependent upon country location, IS offers the following services to our clients in Taiwan:

Global Custody
J.P. Morgan's suite of securities safe keeping, trade processing and trade settlement services are designed to meet the ever increasing needs of institutional investors, including banks, mutual funds, investment managers, pension funds and insurance companies. J.P. Morgan manages a global network of sub-custodians covering more than 90 markets.

Fund Services

  • Fund Accounting — Full service back-office support, tailored to meet the needs of various clients with accounting operation hub in Asia to provide same-time zone support.
    All of J.P. Morgan's accounting reports are provided online via its secured information delivery platform, J.P. Morgan ACCESSSM. Furthermore, the firm offers clients customized reports that show portfolio valuations and transactional reports in currencies different from the portfolio's base currency. This is essential for those who have reporting requirements to offshore parent companies and their clients.
    The accounting reports are also available in traditional or simplified Chinese.
  • Compliance Reporting Services — Broad functionality, depth and reporting flexibility help clients efficiently detect and manage violations of client-specified investment rules, facilitating risk reduction and demonstrating industry best practices. Compliance Reporting Services are available via J.P. Morgan ACCESSSM.
  • Investment Analytics and Consulting Services — A single resource with tailored solutions, optimizing our clients' portfolios to achieve enhanced risk-adjusted returns.
    Our proprietary performance measurement system assists institutional clients by offering a true integration of global portfolios at security-level, with performance measurement reporting available to clients on a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.
  • Transfer Agency Services — A market-leading provider in the Dublin and Luxembourg fund markets, our Asian Service Desk, located in Hong Kong, supports fund distribution requirements, leveraging J.P. Morgan sub transfer agency operations with direct services for clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Our service representatives have real-time access to shareholder transactions, account histories and mutual fund share prices and provide premium service to shareholders and financial intermediaries.

Securities Lending
J.P. Morgan is world-class securities lending provider, with one of the most comprehensive, indemnified securities lending programs in the industry backed by a solid financial foundation.  We make risk management a cornerstone of our Securities Lending program, using independent firm-wide resources to provide our clients with optimal risk-adjusted returns.

Foreign Exchange
External surveys establish J.P. Morgan as one of the leading global providers of foreign exchange (FX) services, with an estimated 7-10% of the daily US$3.2 trillion FX market. J.P. Morgan offers a unique combination of geographic breadth, product depth, superior liquidity capability across FX products and currencies, and top research and value-added strategies delivered by sales professionals proficient in multiple products. J.P. Morgan's comprehensive product offerings include spot, forwards, options and nondeliverable forwards in freely convertible and regulated currencies.

Futures & Options Clearing
J.P. Morgan is one the largest and most dynamic firms in the futures and options brokerage business globally. We are a market leader in providing research, sales, execution and clearing services to clients on more than 70 exchanges across all asset classes — commodities, equities, fixed income and foreign exchange — and have been providing these services to our clients for 30 years. J.P. Morgan is one of the most technically advanced global clearers, with more than 99.9% of our futures and options business being conducted on exchanges where we maintain direct clearing memberships.

Key features and benefits include: 

  • Maintaining portfolio exposure during asset reallocations 
  • Preserving asset value 
  • Reducing operational risk through outsourcing operational burden 
  • Removing manager timing risks through delivering centralized project management 
  • Sourcing efficient liquidity 
  • Minimizing total costs

Clearance & Settlement Services
Through GlobeClearSM, J.P. Morgan provides banks, broker/dealers and hedge fund managers active in international securities trading with a highly efficient clearance platform allowing for clearance on more than 22 exchanges and 60 OTC markets.

Collateral Management
Supporting the collateral management for securities is an essential component of effective credit risk management. J.P. Morgan provides a range of services designed to enhance our clients' collateral/credit risk management for a wide range of underlying activities.

Depositary Receipts (DR)
WSS provides DR services to leading corporations seeking overseas capital raising and stock exchange listings.

  • Leadership and Innovation
    J.P. Morgan pioneered the DR market more than 80 years ago, when we introduced the first-ever DR in 1927. We continue to lead the expansion of the DR marketplace, offering the farthest reach and greatest depth within our global footprint.
  • Commitment to Asia Pacific
    J.P. Morgan launched the first ADR program in Asia in 1961 and has since maintained a leading position, bringing to the DR market some of the best corporate names in Asia. Today, we have DR staff in 9 cities, and conduct business in 10 markets in Asia Pacific, delivering a complete range of DR services within the Asian time zone. In recognition of our business's significant growth, J.P. Morgan was named Best DR Bank in the 2009 Triple A Transaction Banking Awards by The Asset magazine, a leading financial publication in Asia. To find out more, visit us at www.adr.com.

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Corporate Bank
The firm provides corporate banking services to large corporations, financial institutions and public sector organizations and partners with businesses across J.P. Morgan to meet clients' needs in financing, risk management, working capital, cash management and investments.


* These products are only available to corporate clients. They are not for individuals.


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